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Have you had your shots?

An outbreak of chicken pox at Pinewood Elementary School in Eagan has the Minnesota Department of Health recommending District 196 students get up to date on their vaccinations.

There have been 37 cases of chicken pox recently at Pinewood. Sending the vaccination recommendation districtwide was a precaution, MDH spokesperson Doug Schultz said.

"We want to make sure it doesn't spread to other schools, but at this point you could probably say that students in the Rosemount area don't have any sort of heightened or increased risk of getting chicken pox," Schultz said.

The state is currently in a transition period. Since 1995 the MDH has recommended children get one dose of chicken pox vaccination but the department now recommends two doses, one at 12 to 15 months and one at four to six years. Students are now required to have had two doses by the time they reach seventh grade.