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RHS students take their ideas to the field

A group of Rosemount High School students got a first hand look last Friday at what it takes to keep the crowd entertained at a professional sporting event.

The students in Ryan Harrison's sports marketing class took part in an Apprentice-style competition to plan a halftime event for the Minnesota Swarm lacrosse team. The winning students were on the field Feb. 20 to see their idea put into action.

"It was really fun for them because they got to meet Dave Ryan from KDWB and stand on the field in front of 11,000 fans," said Swarm marketing director Brooke Caines.

The idea for the competition started with a call from Harrison to the Swarm's sales department. Harrison was looking for opportunities to get his students involved and sales representative Sean McCoy took things from there. McCoy approached Caines and Caines found some spare time in last Friday's Hollywood-themed halftime.

The RHS students broke into teams for the project and McCoy and Caines served as judges.

"They were all extremely creative," Caines said.

The ideas students presented included races and on-field karaoke competitions. The winning team came up with the idea of a kind of fill-in-the-blank competition in which contestants had to complete famous quotes from Hollywood movies.

Caines said she liked the idea because it fit well with the theme and worked in sponsors.

"It actually opened up an idea for another sponsor who's now speaking with the Swarm who wasn't speaking to us before," Caines said.

Students also got to shadow Swarm sports marketing employees for a day and learn about what sports marketing is like in the real world.

"I just think it's great that somebody like Mr. Harrison is doing that for his students," Caines said.