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Are you smart as Madelyn Moran?

Madelyn Moran's knowledge of Mexican artists just earned her old elementary school $1,000.

Moran, now a sixth grader at Rosemount Middle School, was a Diamond Path Elementary fourth grader when she sent two questions to the television game show Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? Her aunt is a producer for the show and suggested she submit the questions.

But the questions never made it to the air, and two years later Moran had pretty much forgotten about them.

On Monday, though, one of the DPES clerks told principal Lynn Hernandez she thought she'd seen the school's name on last Friday's episode of the show. She thought it was strange, but she figured there were other Diamond Paths around the country.

Then Hernandez got a call from the show. They told her Moran's question had made it on the air, and that because it was used the school would get a $1,000 gift certificate for Best Buy.

"It is a very nice surprise," Hernandez said. "I know we'll put it to good use."

The news came as a surprise to Moran, too. She was at school when Hernandez called her mother to fill her in and she didn't find out until her mom picked her up from the bus stop Monday afternoon.

"I was saying, 'Oh my gosh, this is so awesome,'" Moran said. "My friend Maddie was in the car with me and she started freaking out."

Moran said she's a fan of the show. She likes watching adults' reactions when they get a question wrong.

Moran's question asked Friday's contestant to identify the artist born in Mexico: Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali or Diego Rivera. She said she'd covered the information in her art and Spanish classes at DPES, the district's international studies magnet school.

The question was worth $100,000 and the contestant got it right.

"I kind of wish he'd got it wrong, because I thought it would be a harder question for people who don't know art or Spanish," Moran said.

Oh, and the answer to the question? It was Diego Rivera.