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First Baptist receives magazine recognition

The editors of Minnesota Monthly have named a Rosemount school one of the best in the Twin Cities, and it's probably not the one you're thinking of.

In its September issue the magazine included tiny First Baptist school, which has just 35 to 40 students in its high school program, on a list evaluating 101 high school programs in the Twin Cities.

"Maybe for other schools it isn't a big deal, but for us it was," administrator Charlie Graves said.

Rosemount High School was also included in the listings.

The magazine evaluated schools on factors such as graduation rate, ACT score and student-teacher ratio. First Baptist was the smallest school listed and its tuition was the lowest.

"What it means for us is, first of all, the ability that a small Christian high school can compete statewide. Can be recognized within the same categories and assessments as their larger counterparts," Graves said. "I think we bring to the table not only a good, solid education but the ability to have it in an environment that's Christian and one that allows young people to have their faith enhanced."