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Making reading fun

Kerri Leuth believes when it comes to reading, early intervention is the best. So to get her own two sons interested in reading she devised a plan. They each could invite a friend over and they would read a book of their choice and do different activities. Basically they had their own little book club.

The kids enjoyed the weekly sessions and told their friends about it which sparked an interest in what Leuth was doing. Soon parents at her son's sports games were telling her they would have been interested in doing something like that. The interest of other parents got Leuth thinking about starting her own business.

The stay-at-home-mother of three is a licensed teacher with a master's degree in elementary secondary education with an emphasis in reading. As a teacher Leuth said she most enjoyed teaching literacy, which led her to make it her specialty.

A few years ago she decided to take some time off work to concentrate on her growing family. Leuth has three sons. The oldest will begin fourth grade this fall and the youngest is 2.

With her skill and knowledge Leuth decided she could offer a service that could help Rosemount kids.

This fall Leuth will start the Kidz Club Literacy Enrichment. The program will offer opportunities strengthen reading skills while having some fun.

The fun part is important, Leuth said, because if kids perceive reading as fun they will keep picking up books.

To begin Leuth will assess each individual kid to determine their skills. Once assessed children will be placed into groups that will meet once a week through the school year. Leuth said the groups will be no more than five students.

During the group meetings kids will read various books and do activities together. During each session each kid will get individual attention as well. Leuth's program correlates to state education standards.

Although she anticipates getting kids who need help with reading, Leuth said she hopes to get kids at all reading levels.

While working with pre-school and kindergarten age kids is her specialty, Leuth said she will work with kids up to fourth grade. Others will be assessed on an as needed basis.

Through the Kidz Club Literacy Leuth said she hopes to fill an educational need while keeping her schedule open so she can spend time with her family. While she's not sure how it will go, Leuth said she is hoping for the best.

For more information on the Kidz Club Literacy call 651-322-7751.