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Neighbor dispute leads to charges

A dispute between neighbors about loud music escalated quickly late last month and now a 35-year-old Rosemount man has been charged with making threats to other Rosemount residents.

According to a complaint filed last week in the Dakota County Attorney’s office, Mario Williams had loud music playing in his home and vehicle around 11 pm on June 25, and refused to turn it down.

Williams’ neighbor had already complained on another occasion about loud music and Williams was verbally abusive towards him and his girlfriend. This time, the neighbor’s friend went over to ask Williams to turn the music down. The neighbor stayed at his home but was close enough to hear Williams become aggressive. The neighbor then went over to help his friend, and according to the complaint Williams began yelling at both of the men. The neighbor told Williams they did not want trouble and only wanted the music turned down so his young son could sleep.

As the neighbor and his friend started to walk away from Williams’ home, Williams followed them while yelling vulgar and derogatory names at them. Williams said he would urinate on them. They both continued to walk away and told Williams to go home. But Williams did not go home. He punched the neighbor’s friend twice in the face and swung at the neighbor. He continued to threaten them, saying, “I’m gonna kill you. I’m gonna fu** your wife. I’m gonna kill your son. Your son is going to die. Your family won’t be living here when I’m through with you,” according to the complaint.

Williams also claimed he was going to burn their houses down.

Both men were able to get away from Williams, but the neighbor put his dog outside to alert him if Williams came back. About 20 minutes later, he did. He saw Williams looking in his window and told him that he was going to call the police. Williams started threatening him again, saying he was going to rape the neighbor’s wife and kill their child. Eventually, Williams left.

If convicted Williams could spend up to five year in jail and face up to $10,000 in fines.