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Man charged with drug offense

In February of 2014 a man from Rosemount was charged for having marijuana and other drugs on him when he crashed into a snowbank.

According to a complaint filed in the Dakota County Attorney’s office, a Rosemount police officer responded to the call about a stuck vehicle, and when he got to the scene saw Ryan David Benson attempting to remove his vehicle. A tow truck also had arrived and helped remove it.

When the officer spoke to Benson, he noticed a strong smell of marijuana. Benson denied using marijuana that day. He had marijuana on him, though. He handed over a small bag of marijuana and a pipe to the officer.

According to the complaint, the officer, when searching Benson’s vehicle, also found two marijuana scales, nine unidentified white pills, a small bag containing marijuana residue, a glass pipe, and a bag containing sticky green substance.

The officer asked Benson about the items she found. Benson said the pills were Keppra, a drug to help with seizures, and he did not have the prescription bottle because he took them from home and at work.

According to the complaint, the pills were submitted to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to be analyzed and determined on what the pill was. The pill was found out to be alprazolam.

If convicted of controlled substance crime in the fifth degree, Ryan Benson faces up to five years in jail and a fine of up to $10,000.00.