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Dakota County Sheriff's offer citizen's academy

The first two Dakota County Sheriff’s Office Citizen Academies have been successful. Now it is being offered again to the community.

The citizen’s academy will run on eight consecutive Thursdays, beginning March 20, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The citizen’s academy is an educational and informational program that allows citizens an opportunity to learn about the issues that affect law enforcement efforts in the community. The program provides insight into the philosophy and operations of the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office.

“The program also helps our residents better understand police work in their community and to develop stronger ties between our community and the sheriff’s office,” said chief deputy Tim Leslie.  

The Farmington and Rosemount police departments have also offered citizen’s academies. Rosemount’s is currently under way.

“This educational and informational program was designed so that our citizens can learn more about the issues facing law enforcement in our local communities,” said Leslie.

The citizen’s academy also connects people with the office to “build stronger ties with our citizens and help them to better understand  the objectives of law enforcement,” Leslie said.

The topics of the eight-week program are the same as last year. They include the history of the sheriff’s office, use of force, traffic stops, searching and handcuffing procedures, the driving while impaired (DWI) process, laws of arrest, criminal charging process, judicial process, Special Weapons and Tactical Team (SWAT), a Taser demonstration, a canine demonstration, crime scene processing, Internet crimes and an overview of the Dakota County Jail. Locations will vary.

Attendees will tour the jail and will be part of different scenarios to familiarize them with the sheriff’s office.

The program is for adults 18 and older. There is no charge. All applicants must pass background investigations to be considered for participation in the academy.

For more information, or if interested in attending the citizen’s academy, call Capt. Jim Rogers at 651-438-4721 or email