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Christmas day fight leads to charges

A 24-year-old Empire Township man has been charged with a felony count of making terroristic threats and a misdemeanor count of domestic assault following a Christmas Day argument with his ex wife.

According to a complaint filed last week in the Dakota County Attorney's office, Beau Lundell got in an argument with his ex wife because she was no longer wearing her wedding ring. According to the woman, Lundell yelled at her, then grabbed her finger and "twisted it until she began to cry."

When the woman told Lundell she was going to take their daughter and leave he reportedly threatened to murder her.

In an interview with police, Lundell admitted yelling at his ex wife and grabbing her finger but denied making any threats.

If convicted on the charge of making terroristic threats Lundell could face up to five years in jail and fines of up to $10,000. The domestic assault charge has a maximum sentence of 90 days and a maximum fine of $1,000.