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Woman charged with DUI after traffic stop in Rosemount

When a Rosemount police officer stopped Brenda Lynn Heinen Dec. 16, she had some trouble rolling down her window. As the officer stood outside her car around 10 p.m., she locked and unlocked her door several times before she finally found the switch she was looking for.

Her situation didn't improve any once she did.

According to a complaint filed last month in the Dakota County Attorney's office, the officer stopped Heinen, 41, after receiving a report of a driver who was "all over the road." As the officer watched, Heinen drove erratically, including briefly pulling up onto a curb and blocking traffic while waiting to make a turn.

When Heinen eventually rolled her window down, the officer noticed a strong smell of alcohol. Asked if she knew why she had been stopped, Heinen reportedly hesitated, then answered, "I'm intoxicated." She failed field sobriety tests and was arrested.

Heinen didn't go quietly. She kicked one officer in the leg and struggled as they attempted to place her into the squad car. She refused to exit the squad car at the police station, and after being transported to the Dakota County Jail allegedly resisted several correctional deputies as they tried to get her where they wanted her.

Heinen has DWI convictions from 2006 and 2009. If convicted this time on a second-degree DWI charge she could face up to a year in jail and fines of up to $3,000. A separate felony assault charge has a maximum sentence of three years and a maximum fine of $6,000.