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Woman charged after dropping baby while intoxicated

A Rosemount woman turned herself in after she reportedly dropped her child while drunk. Kristina Timkin, 20, is the mother of a child who was examined at Children's Hospital on October 14. The infant had facial bruising and a minor intracranial injury.

According to a criminal complaint filed in the Dakota County Attorney's office, the father of the child had been on the phone with Timkin earlier that day. The father said Timkin wasn't making sense and sounded intoxicated. He also heard the infant crying in the background. When he asked what was wrong, Timkin responded, "someone dropped" the infant.

The father and his mother drove to the residence, where they found Timkin highly intoxicated and the infant with injuries to its face. When they arrived at the hospital Timkin could hardly walk and fell out of a car; police were contacted.

Five days later Timkin meet with a detective and a social worker at the Rosemount Police Department. Timkin told police that she was drinking on that day and that if it were not for her level of intoxication, her infant would not have suffered the injuries it did.

Timkin has been charged with neglect of a child and could face up to one year and prison and up to a $3,000 fine.