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Rosemount, Minn., woman charged with stealing from bank where she works

A 48-year-old Savage woman has been charged with felony theft for allegedly stealing more than $3,000 from the Rosemount bank where she worked.

The theft was reported to Rosemount police on Sept. 20. According to a complaint filed in the Dakota County Attorney's office Suzanne Mary Dertman came to the bank's attention after a computer flagged an error in one of her transactions. When the bank investigated they found Detrman's drawer short $3,200.

In a conversation with police Dertman reportedly admitted stealing $2,000, then said she'd stolen $3,000 during the time she worked at the bank to pay her bills and to help her daughter with college expenses.

Dertman said she didn't steal the additional $200. She said that discrepancy was the result of two mistakes she made. She told police she didn't report those mistakes because they would have called attention to the missing $3,000.

If convicted on a theft charge Dertman could spend up to five years in jail and face a fine of up to $10,000.

Driver charged with DWI

A late-night traffic stop has led to charges of driving under the influence for a 26-year-old Savage man.

A Dakota County Sheriff's deputy stopped Ryan Andrew Baker just before 1 a.m. Aug. 14 after she noticed him swerving while driving through Empire Township.

According to a complaint filed in the Dakota County Attorney's office, Baker admitted having two beers at a wedding in Hastings.

According to the complaint Baker performed poorly on field sobriety tests and a breath test administered it 1:46 showed a blood alcohol content of .14.

Baker's driver's license was revoked in February of 2008 for an impaired driving violation. If convicted this time on either of two gross misdemeanor DWI charges Baker could face up to a year in jail and fines of up to $3,000.