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Rosemount man charged with criminal sexual conduct for videotaping a friend's daughter

Richard Marquardt.

A 35-year-old Rosemount man faces several charges of criminal sexual conduct and possession of child pornography for reportedly shooting a series if videos and photos of a friend's daughter over the course of several years.

The girl's mother approached Rosemount police in January to report suspicions about Richard Marquardt, who had spent time over at least the past four years with her daughter, including overnight visits.

The complaint filed this week in the Dakota County Attorney's office does not allege that Marquardt had sexual contact with the girl. But he reportedly recorded the girl numerous times, beginning when she was 4 years old, soiling her diapers and her clothes.

He kept the videos and images, some of which showed the girl unclothed, on his computer in folders labeled with the girls name and her age.

The girl told a social worker that Marquardt would at times refuse to let her go to the bathroom. Videotapes recovered from Marquardt's computer show the girl complaining about having to urinate, then soiling a diaper or her clothing. Several of the videos were recorded in public places, and in some Marquardt's own children can be heard in the background.

In a Feb. 1 meeting at the Rosemount Police Department Marquardt told police he was sexually aroused by diapers. He told police he had been downloading photos of young children from the Internet for 10 to 15 years, and had posted videos of the girl to a chat site.

He told police he had recorded the girl because he thought she was "cute."

Marquardt allegedly told police he did not believe the photos were inappropriate.

Marquardt's computer also included images of him in a diaper.

According to the complaint Marquardt's home smelled of urine and was cluttered with toys, discarded food and mouse droppings. His children were taken from the home and placed with a relative.

The Dakota County Attorney's office has charged Marquardt with five felony counts of criminal sexual conduct, each of which has a maximum sentence of 25 years and a maximum fine of $35,000. A felony charge of possessing child pornography has a maximum sentence of five years and a maximum fine of $10,000.

As of Tuesday afternoon Marquardt was still in jail on $150,000 bail. He had a first court appearance Monday. An omnibus hearing is set for Feb. 28.

Rosemount police chief Gary Kalstabakken said the case is still under investigation.