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Rosemount man faces drug charge following dispute

A 25-year-old Rosemount man might have made a bad situation worse last August when Rosemount police came to escort him out of a house where he was no longer welcome.

Police responded Aug. 25 to a report of a fight between two men at a Rosemount home. According to a complaint filed last week in the Dakota County Attorney's office, the person who made the call told police he'd gotten into an argument with his neighbor, Michael Layne Peterson, and that Peterson had ripped a necklace off his neck. He said he wanted Peterson removed from his property.

Police found Peterson in the garage. He started arguing with the other individual again, and according to the complaint refused to calm down. He approached the police officers and refused to stop when ordered.

Police conducted a pat-down search of Peterson and found an object in his pants pocket. According to the complaint, Peterson then said, "You may as well take me to jail now." Asked why, he said the object in his pocket was a methampetamine pipe.

Peterson faces a felony controlled substance charge that carries a maximum sentence of five years and a maximum fine of $10,000. A petty misdemeanor charge for possessing drug paraphernalia has a maximum fine of $300.