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SeniorCare Connections offers a helping hand

Laurel Larson, left, and Deanna Hildebrandt both have backgrounds in childcare. They have received certification to work with seniors. For more on Senior Care Connections call 651-252-4251, email info@seniorcareconnections or visit

When Deanna Hildebrandt thinks about the customers for Senior Care Connections, she thinks about her mother: someone who is getting older and struggling to do some of the things she once did easily, but who isn’t ready to move out of the home where she has lived for years.

Senior Care Connections, which served its first customer last week, aims to provide the services — from housekeeping to yard work to transportation — that will make that possible.

“I know the need for this,” said Hildebrandt, who created the business with longtime friend Laurel Larson. “She’s 85 years old and she wants to remain independent in her own home. I know what it’s like for her to be told she can no longer be independent.”

Hildebrandt and Larson know about caring for people. Hildebrandt has been in the childcare business for 36 years. For the past two she has partnered with Larson, who left behind a good office job because she knew she wanted to help people.

“I had a very good job,” Larson said. “It was a great company. I knew it just wasn’t for me.”

The pair, who refer to themselves as Lucy and Ethel, met 26 years ago when both were new Rosemount residents. They have worked since October to create Senior Care Connections from scratch. They came up with the name and a logo and got certified to deal with individuals suffering from dementia and alzheimers.

Both Hildebrandt and Larson have experience teaching fitness classes, and they will run a second business, Seniors on the Move, under the umbrella of Senior Care Connections. Seniors on the Move help seniors with exercises to build their strength and flexibility and keep them mobile. They’ll offer the classes one on one, but they would also like to offer group sessions in locations like Farmington’s Rambling River Center.

There have been roadblocks and wrong turns along the way, but now that they are officially up and running both Hildebrandt and Larson are excited to get out and start helping people.

Each new business connection will start with a meeting, often with the senior’s child or children. They will talk about what services are needed. Hildebrandt and Larson can handle cooking and cleaning, pet care and just about anything else a customer needs. They’re also happy to provide companionship.

“I’m most excited about getting to know these people,” Larson said. “Aside from helping them, just really getting to know them.”

For now they are the only employees of Senior Care Connections, and they like it that way. They want each of their customers to feel like they have a personal connection.

They know there are people out there who just need a little assistance, and they’re excited to be the ones who provide it.

“Some people are very young at heart,” Hildebrandt said. “They just need a little help.”

An unlikely meeting

Hildebrandt and Larson have been friends for more than two decades, but it took a persistent husband to bring them together.

Hildebrandt and her husband had just moved to Rosemount 26 years ago. She was pregnant and they didn’t know anybody in town.

Larson was new to the city too, and lived down the street. She was out walking one night when she passed by Hildebrandt’s house. She waved to Hildebrandt’s husband, who was out in the yard, and kept walking.

Then, she realized someone was following her.

It was Hildebrandt’s husband who was on her trail. He thought she should meet his wife.

So, Larson went with him. She met Hildebrandt and they’ve been close friends ever since.

Nathan Hansen

Nathan Hansen has been a reporter and editor with the Farmington Independent and the Rosemount Town Pages since 1997. He is very tall.

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