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New Rosemount business will balance your books

Acctech is now open in Rosemount.

A new business is now open in Rosemount, by the name of Acctech, LLC. Acctech is an accounting firm that helps in many areas of business, including payroll services, income tax services, as well as bookkeeping.

"Basically a one stop shop," Munzurul Islam said of his business. "If you have a business, you just come to me, and I can tell you specific business things we can do ... I can help you. If you do not know anything, we can work through that and figure that out."

Islam, who owns Acctech with his wife, has had industry experience since 1997, but has owned and operated Acctech for the past five years.

"I started my business in 2008, and word of mouth, slowly I grow, and now I have two office locations and I am thinking about hiring more employees, generating employment and helping the community," Islam said.

Islam and his family moved to Rosemount in 2010, and the constant commute downtown was becoming too much for this business owner. Acctech also has a location in Minneapolis.

"Time was just wasted in the commute," Islam said.

The official ribbon cutting for the Rosemount location was June 7. Acctech is located on the top floor of the Rosemount Mall.

The focus of Islam's business is on the community in which he lives, and, in addition to their featured services, Acctech has a program in place that does just that. The Acctech Community Development Assistance Program, Acctech-CDA, is a program that strives to help non-profits be as successful as possible.

"In that program, they can be partnering with me," Islam said. "In that process, if any non profit organizers refer to me a customer ... I will manage their donations.

"There are less headaches because I collect the donations and I add the same amount ... and they do not need collection cost," Islam said.

Acctech will match whatever the referred customer contributes to the organization, up to 10 percent of the service fees.

Islam's goals are to further develop skills in each area of expertise Acctech offers, and through that, be able to hire more employees in order to generate a "good workforce in the community."

Acctech is still taking root in Rosemount, and in so doing is looking for new employees in the marketing area of the company.

Nathan Hansen

Nathan Hansen has been a reporter and editor with the Farmington Independent and the Rosemount Town Pages since 1997. He is very tall.

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