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Rosemount Police Department reveals a new photo opportunity

Leprechaun Days visitors can get their photos taken this year at the Rosemount Police Department’s booth.

Rosemount Police Officer Beth Richtsmeier often takes her kids to fairs and other events, but she didn’t think she would find a new idea for the Rosemount Police Department’s Leprechaun Days booth at one.  

A friend of Richtsmeier’s was at the Anoka County Fair when she saw that at the Anoka Police Department’s booth there was a cutout photo opportunity — the kind where people stick their faces through a hole in a painting and snap a few pictures. The friend told Richtsmeier about it, and Richtsmeier loved the idea, since people seem to gravitate towards photo ops. So, she decided to pitch it to Rosemount police chief Mitch Scott.

“It’s a unique thing to do,” said Richtsmeier.

The department is always looking for something new to add to their booth at Leprechaun Days, and Richtsmeier thought this would be another way to attract attention for the police department and a good opportunity to educate the public.

Richtsmeier said her son always enjoys photo opportunities, and she thought it would be something different for the community and the police department.  

Richtsmeier is the school resource officer at Rosemount High School, so when she was looking for a group to make the photo op she turned to RHS art teacher Phil Stanley and the school’s National Art Honor Society.

The National Art Honor Society took on the challenge and completed the life size illustration of two cartoon police officers with the faces cut out  in the two months before the end of the school year.  10 to 15 students worked on the project at various times.  The design was first penciled into a piece of plywood and then painted over with acrylic and latex paint.

“I hope the photo board serves as an illustration of the relationship between the police and the local community, and also gives children something fun to do while enjoying Leprechaun Days,” said Stanley.

The police department had budgeted $35 for the project, but when the time came to pay for the expenses, the NAHS waived the money and donated the photo op.

“If it wasn’t for them, I don’t know how it would have come together,” Richtsmeier said.

The cutout photo opportunity will be displayed at the Rosemount Police Department booth at Leprechaun Days from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.  

“I hope people find it fun and get some photos with it,” Richtsmeier said.

The booth will also feature a BearCat, which is a bulletproof vehicle used in high-risk situations.  Also new this year at the booth are the Explorers, who are kids ages 14-20 and are interested in a career in law enforcement.