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Interns join newspaper staff

Ryan Brocco and Muriel Knudson just finished their junior years at Rosemount High School.

Rosemount High School students Ryan Brocco and Muriel Knudson have joined the Independent Town Pages as interns this summer.

Brocco, 17, will be a senior this fall at RHS. He is involved in the school newspaper, as well as a the Irish Update broadcast journalism class. He plans on attending San Jose State University after high school where he wants to major in journalism.

Brocco’s hobbies include working at Jimmy John’s, getting huge at the gym and hanging out with friends. His dream job is to be a writer for the Philadelphia Eagles because he is from Philadelphia and is a diehard fan.

Knudson, 16, will also be a senior at Rosemount High School this fall. She is involved in volleyball, Irish Update and Student Ambassadors. She plans on going to an out of state college in the fall of 2015 but is still trying to figure out where.

When she grows up Knudson wants to become a film director and producer.

Knudson loves meeting new people during interviews and events, but she’s excited to see what the future has in store for her after this summer.