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Flint Hills earns safety award

Flint Hills Resources Pine Bend refinery announced Tuesday that Governor Mark Dayton awarded the refinery the Governor’s Safety Award, which recognizes Minnesota employers for exceptional accomplishments in reducing workplaces illness and injuries. This is the fifth time the Pine Bend refinery has received the award.

Over the past 14 years, the Pine Bend refinery has decreased recordable injuries by more than 80 percent. It has been more than one year since the Pine Bend refinery had a recordable employee injury.

“Safety is of the utmost important to us. We strive to make Pine Bend a place where no one ever gets hurt,” said Scott Lindemann, vice president of operations and plant manager at the Flint Hills Resources Pine Bend refinery. “Awards like these recognize our daily commitment to the safety of our employees.”

The refinery also was recently recertified as a Minnesota STAR (MNSTAR) site through 2018. The voluntary program recognizes companies with strong safety and health management systems that exceed basic compliance with OSH standards and result in immediate and long-term prevention of job-related injuries and illnesses.