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Game Zone returns to Rosemount Woods

Fun, games and music are coming back to Rosemount Woods this summer.

City on a Hill Church will once again put on The Game Zone, a five day program in the Rosemount Woods neighborhood, July 8-12.

Game Zone includes food, music and other activities in the Rosemount Woods neighborhood.

As an extension of the program, the department of public health will have different days outside of Game Zone set aside to further reach out to residents in the Rosemount Woods neighborhood. They will have a safety wellness day on July 18, and will be there for other events on July 11 and 25.

Rosemount Community Resource Officer Beth Richtsmeier will instruct on different topics on the safety wellness day, including bicycle safety. She will bring bicycle helmets to raffle off as part of her bicycle safety program.

"Rosemount Woods -- it is hard for people to get across Highway 3," Richtsmeier said. "We may have other city based programs going on, and we can't always attract to them, so we are just trying to bring events to them."

Richtsmeier has wanted to work with the Rosemount Woods community for a long time, and hoped to start something there that wouldn't just be forgotten about. Last, year Richtsmeier, as well as other police officers, firefighters and community leaders put on public safety in the parks events, which began in Rosemount Woods. Those events were all about being available to the community, and were opportunities for community members to ask questions and socialize with their neighbors.

Richtsmeier is grateful that City on a Hill pastor Bruce Bentley was able to commit to the continuation of activities in the Rosemount Woods area.

"He had the energy to take it on, follow through with it, and work with the school (district)," Richtsmeier said. "It has turned out better than I had hoped since I don't have all the time and everything to do all that."

According to Richtsmeier, as of last year, the Rosemount Woods neighborhood had around 80 elementary school aged kids, making it a place that the community wanted to reach out to.