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Rosemount plans for splash pad

One concept for what a redesigned Central Park might look like with a splash pad.

The Rosemount parks and recreation department has been discussing the possibility of a splash pad since April, and at a commission meeting on Monday, the department became one step closer to coming to a decision on where to build the facility.

A splash pad is an area designed for water play, with nozzles on the ground or other water features such as a mushroom shower or a semi circular pipe shower that provide sprays where kids and others can play. When the city council made goals for 2012-13, one was to add more public amenities and improvements to the downtown area, which is how the idea for a splash pad in Rosemount came to life.

Now, the city is getting closer to choosing a location.

"We kind of narrowed it down to two community parks," said Dan Schultz, parks and recreation director.

After a regular parks and recreation meeting in April, the department recommended to the city council to investigate two locations for the possible splash pad: Schwarz Pond Park and Central Park. The parks and recreation department has also since come up with concept plans for both parks, which were available at the meeting.

There was also an additional meeting of the parks and recreation board on Tuesday. Schultz hopes by the end of this week after the meetings have taken place that a decision will be made about where the new splash pad will be located.

"Hopefully we can narrow it down, pick a site, pick a concept, and move forward," Schultz said. The concept of the splash pad is currently in the planning stages. After planning is done, they will move into the design phase, followed by the development of the project. Schultz said once the location is decided on, work on the project will start in the fall and finish next spring.

"With some of the things that are planned (this summer), we can't do too much, just because of some of the events that are taking place," Schultz said.

Schultz has a feeling they can come to a decision.

"There's been enough talk about it that we will be able to make a decision fairly quickly," Schultz said.

Nathan Hansen

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