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Looking back: Thief found horses could not outrun automobiles back in 1913

20 years ago

From the June 11, 1993 edition of the Rosemount Town Pages

Lady Tigers bow in section final

The Lady Tigers' dream of playing in the 1993 Class A state softball tournament evaporated last Tuesday afternoon in Brooklyn Center as St.?Bernard's righthander Julie Weyandt held them hitless in a 9-1 Bulldog victory in the Section 4A title game....

The Lady Tigers finished their season with a fine 16-8 record....

To get to the title game, the Lady Tigers had to defeat Blake, a team which had two easy wins over the locals during the regular season. It took 18 innings and more twists and turns than an Agatha Christie mystery, but in the end, the girls prevailed, 4-3...

"This was a big win for us," said (coach Gary) Burr, "not only because it gets us to the championship game, but also because it makes up a little for them beating us twice during the regular season."

50 years ago

From the June 13, 1963 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Fire destroys warehouse unit at Rosemount

A 200 by 60-foot center section of a storage building at the University of Minnesota's Rosemount research center was destroyed by fire early Monday morning.

Volunteer firemen from Rosemount fought the blaze for three hours before bringing it under control.

Fireworks at each end of the section kept four other units of the warehouse from also being burned to the ground.

An estimate of the value of the destroyed lumber and machinery kept in the building was not immediately available.

Liquor store eviction case in court soon

Rosemount's municipal liquor store eviction case in headed for the courtroom and possible legal entanglement...

Briefly, this is the situation:

The village council which has been given a letter of eviction, believes they have a verbal lease on the liquor store building. There was a verbal agreement before the council at a recent meeting, at which time a figure of $200 per month for one year was agreed upon by Matt Huerta, owner of the building and all the members of council....

Huerta, who declared the letter was never received, indicated time was elapsed and the agreement was no longer valid... Written proposals have been sent back and forth, but there has been "no meeting of the minds," according to Jerome Daly, lawyer for Huerta.

Charter members honored at Lions dinner

The Farmington Lions Club held their 10th anniversary party at the Hastings Country Club Monday evening, June 10, and about 80 members and their guests attended. . . .

During the evening 11 charter members of the organization were honored and were presented ten-year charter membership certificates and emblems: C.E. Cadwell, first president; John Goerss, Herman Hagen, Harlowe Johnson, Oscar Lubke, Erle Mapes, Don Martin, John McBrien, Harry McElmury and Christ Nelson. F.J. Henneberry, also a charter member was unable to be present at the dinner.

Vern Johnson and Bill Carey gave reports on the recent Lions convention held at Rochester. Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Carey gave reports on the ladies' activities. . . .

The club is looking forward to another successful year under Lloyd Wickstrom, newly-elected president.

George Kaisersatt named "Outstanding Legionnaire"

George Kaisersatt was elected outstanding Legionnaire at the Third District American Legion convention held in Faribault, May 31 through June 2, and was presented a plaque and trophy. The third district is comprised of 10 counties.

Mr. Kaisersatt, active in the district, is a past department commander, district chairman of the school patrol, and safety and also holds the office of department chairman or state chairman of school patrols.

75 years ago

From the June 17, 1938 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Nicols church being moved

Moving operations of the St. John's church building, now located near Nicols, have begun, Rev. W.J. Pilgrim, the pastor, announced this week. The church will be located in the village of Rosemount where this congregation has been invited to come.

There is no Lutheran church in Rosemount, and the church comes as an organized body, the pastor states. The purpose is not to oppose the work of any other church, but to carry on the work now in progress, perhaps more efficiently in this new location.

Gerster improves optical balcony

E.M. Gerster, local optometrist and jeweler, has in the past week installed completely new and the most modern optometry instruments that science can produce. In keeping with the new eye refracting instruments, he has improved his optometry balcony, until it is the neatest, most attractive room of its kind to be found anywhere.

Mr. Gerster has a personal message in his ad this week that is an invitation to visit his store.

Home demonstration chairwoman to hold meeting here

The Dakota County Township Chairwomen in Home Demonstration and Farm Bureau work will hold a regular meeting on Friday, June 17, at the home of Mrs. Will Feely, Farmington.

Miss Julia O. Newton, state home demonstration agent, will be present for the discussion meeting and will talk on the interesting things about project groups over the state.

To date several new chairwomen have been appointed. Mrs. John Devney to succeed to Mrs. Will Feely; Mrs. Harry Hanson to succeed Mrs. Cliff Harmer and Mrs. Harold Gibson taking the place vacated by Mrs. Bessie Gibson. Other appointments are being made by this meeting or shortly after.

100 years ago

From the June 13, 1913 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Wm. Cadzow witnesses peculiar incident while riding near Rosemount

Wm. Cadzow, the hotel man and auctioneer of Rosemount, had an experience the other day which so vexing he has several men working overtime helping him swear about it. He had started for town with several cans of cream when he saw a hen turkey apparently fighting something in a field several rods from the road.

He took the whip and went over to where she was and found her fighting a weasel in defense of her sixteen little baby turkeys. Mr. Cadzow said the weasel was killing these little turkies and carrying them into a hole almost as fast as he could count and it was not until fifteen had been killed that he succeeded in getting it stopped. To add to the disaster the team became frightened and ran away, but fortunately no damage was done in this line as the team was caught in town.

Thief purloins horse; captured after hot chase

Farmington had a little excitement Monday over the pursuit and capture of a horse thief. Mrs. G.F. Akin had just returned from a ride and left the horse standing at the McAndrew Bros., livery barn. She had no more than got out of the buggy when a man hastily jumped into the buggy and drove away with the horse on the gallop. . . .

Dick McAndrew and M.A. Hogan followed him in an auto. They overtook him before he had gone far and when he found he could not escape with the rig, he left it and started to run across a field. His pursuers soon overtook him and it was with no little difficulty they made the capture.

He was brought to town and taken before Judge Gray where he was given a hearing. He did not deny his intentions of stealing the horse, in fact he told the judge he intended to steal the horse and drive it into the hills and sell it.