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New DNR brochure provides information regarding ATV use

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has a new brochure that discusses changes that will affect the use of vehicles ranging from highway-licensed cars and trucks to all-terrain vehicles for hunting on public lands across the state.

The brochures will be mailed to about 130,000 people who have a registered ATV in the state and also purchased a big-game hunting license last year. Brochures will also be available at the DNR Building at the Minnesota State Fair in St. Paul, Aug. 21-Sept. 1.

"The DNR strives to provide a range of hunting opportunities," said Dennis Simon, DNR wildlife section chief. "Some of those may involve the use of ATVs, which certainly can assist big-game hunters and help disperse the use. We ask that hunters to be sensitive to others and familiarize themselves with current laws that apply to that hunting activity."

Minnesota's hunting and trapping regulations as well as off-highway vehicle regulations are available at the DNR Web site and at licensing centers. For complete regulations, consult the state statutes and rules.