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Looking back

50 years ago

From the May 16, 1963 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Local girl is dairy princess

Dakota County's new Dairy Princess is MaryAnne Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Smith of Farmington.

She was one of the 11 lovely contestants in the Dairy Princess contest held at the Kon Tiki Island Club on Friday, May 10.

Her two attendants are Diane Hall, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hall of Lakeville and Patricia Graff, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Graff of Northfield.

Eighty-five people, including parents and sponsors, attended the dinner and coronation ceremonies that followed the judging contest.

Emmet Carroll, chairman of The County ADA Committee, emceed the program that followed the dinner....

Miss Smith and her two attendants will enter the Regional Contest to be held at Signal Hills, West St. Paul on June 7 and 8. One girl in this contest will be selected to enter the State Contest for Princess Kay of the Milky Way that will take place during the Minnesota State Fair.

New principal at Rosemount

Jerry Cassem has been named by the Rosemount School Board to serve next year as high school principal. He succeeds Theodore Brandt who will resume his teaching responsibilities in the school.

Cassem is currently high school principal at Winnebago, Minn., where he has been since 1959. A 1954 graduate of Mankato State College, Cassem has his master's degree from the University of Minnesota....

Cassem is married and the couple have two children. The family will move to Rosemount sometime during the summer.

Opposition in school voting

Opposition will make interesting elections in the area school voting, it was revealed with the closing of filing last week.

Most school elections in independent districts will be Tuesday, May 21.

Candidate listings are:


Four persons filed for the two three-year terms to be filed at the annual school election to be held here on Tuesday, May 21.

The first to file was H. Merle Smit. The two incumbents, Robert Stegmaier and R.F. Schulz filed to succeed themselves, and the latest to file was Edwin P. Stark who lives east of Farmington on Highway 50.

The Farmington School district votes as a single precinct with one established polling place on the ground floor of the high school building. The north entrance will be used by the voters. The polls will be open from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 21.

Smith is employed at the Northern Natural Gas Compressor station here; Stegmaier is a farmer; Schulz is a Mobile Oil bulk dealer, and Stark is a mechanic at the McKee Transport company in northern Dakota County.


The annual school election for Independent School District No. 196, Rosemount, Minnesota, will be held on Tuesday, May 21. Three candidates have filed for the two positions. They are as follows: Jerome W. Degenaar, Rollin M. Dennistoun and Donald F. Warkentien. The terms of the incumbents, Donald F. Warkentien, chairman, and the recently appointed Rollin M. Dennistoun, expire on June 30, 1963. Terms are for three years beginning July 1, 1963.

75 years ago

From the May 20, 1938 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Crowd sees air mail event here

History was made here Thursday morning of this week when the first air mail plane dropped out of the sky and picked up the first air mail pouch at the landing field south of the Frank Knoblauch residence in the east part of town. It was part of the observance of Air Mail Week.

Despite a light rain, several hundred local residents, including the school youngsters and instructors, attended the historic event.

Postmaster Edward C. Feely and Assistant Postmaster Leslie Whittier presented the mail pouch containing 215 air mail letters to the pilot, Robert K. Rowely of Minneapolis After the pilot signed for the pouch the three posed for a Tribune photographer. In a moment the plane left for other points. Supt. Kipp of Randolph was scheduled to pick up the mail but was assigned elsewhere.

The crowd was kept away from the machine due to the efficient work of Chief Pat Walsh, state patrolman, and the local Boy Scout Troop in charge of Harlow Johnson.

Rosemount Field Day is May 25

Rosemount's third annual Field Day to be held Wednesday, May 25, is sponsored by the Rosemount Public School and the Rosemount Commercial Club. They hope to make this one of the outstanding events in Rosemount history.

The purpose of this achievement is to promote child health, which has been recognized as one of the principal factors of education. The sponsors of this Field Day hope that the development of desirable citizenship will be fostered; that the characteristics and qualities needed in a good serviceable life will be emphasized.

The following school districts are invited to participate in Rosemount's Field Day activities: Numbers - 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 20, 36, 88, 94, 106, 108 110, 41, 79, 61, 4, 21, 22, St. John's school, Trinity school.

100 years ago

From the May 16, 1913 edition of the Dakota County Tribune


Notice is hereby given that a special election will be held in the School House of School District No. 40 on the 31st day of May at 7 o'clock p.m. 1913 for the purpose of voting on the proposition of issuing to the State of Minnesota the bonds of said municipality in the aggregate sum of (5) $40,000 bearing interest at the rate of (5) 4 per centum per annum, the proceeds of thereof to be used for the purpose of (6) Building a School House to be numbered and to mature as set forth in the resolution now on file in the office of the (2) Clerk dated May 6, 1913.

H.W. Hosmer

(2) Clerk School Dist. No. 40

Capital national highway assured

The new Capital-National Highway running between St. Paul and Owatonna by the way of Farmington is an assured thing as the boards in the various counties through which the road is to pass have endorsed the movement and a good share of the money has been raised, the Dakota County Board putting their final official stamp to the document last week. Next thing to be done is to advertise for bids.

The Messrs, E.H. Dosey, G.F. Akin and Robert Carmichael of this place attended a meeting of the Central Minnesota Good Roads association held at Mayor Keller's office in St. Paul last Friday and they report a great deal of interest as being taken in the matter of the new Capital-National Highway, and in fact, better roads all over this part of the state....

We understand that between $34,000 and $35,000 is now in sight and work will begin as soon as the money is collected.

Joy riders nearly had a smash up

Misses Wentz and Ratzloff of Rosemount spent one day last week at the Gannon home in Farmington and about 5:30 p.m. the girls thinking it time to start homeward. All went fine until they got to Mr. Krafts north of town when the 20-year-old driving colt began to kick. The girls took it as a joke; merely laughed and waited till the colt was ready to take them home. Everything was examined before starting and found not a splinter gone. We will leave it to the girls whether the colt kicked above the shafts or below.

We hope they enjoyed a pleasant ride, but they aren't kicking now.