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Looking back

50 years ago

From the May 9, 1963

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

2 escape in caboose wreck

A Sun-Kink, which is a sharp curve caused by heat expansion, was believed the cause of a caboose accident Monday in which two men from Manly, Iowa, escaped serious injury. It happened as Rock Island Train 67 was southbound, rounding a curve, about a mile north of Farmington. The four-unit diesel-powered train pulled about 100 cars. The caboose was derailed and finally came to rest at a sharp angle. The two rail men whose names were not learned (high officials would not talk about the mishap) were thought at first to be in real trouble and Farmington ambulance was called. The rails were repaired and the caboose was picked up by a large "hook" within three hours. It was fortunate the derailment was at the back end, instead of the front of the train. "Chub" Henry's section crew from Farmington was among those working at the scene.

Rosemount JC outstanding state chapter

The excitement ran high as the climax to the Jaycee State Convention at St. Cloud came near the presentation of the coveted awards at the banquet. The Rosemount group was as eager as the rest of the groups, but for Rosemount it became a reality as Mr. Bert Jones, the past state president called Rosemount for the highly-prized Milestone award.

The Milestone is presented to the outstanding First Year Chapter in the state. The Milestone award is based upon all the activities of the chapter during the year. For Rosemount, this included their work in public affairs, youth and sports, ways and means and health and safety.

Earlier in the day Rosemount received the first place plague for their work in public affairs....

The Rosemount chapter was chartered May 19, 1962. The officers for the winning year were: Mary Ratzlaff, president; Bill Shaffer, vice president; Don Ryan, secretary; and Dave Toombs, treasurer. The five directors included Alvin Judkins, Jim Smith, Noel Smith, Eldon Kvam and Dick Corcoran.

The chapter now boasts a membership of 44 with hopes of adding many more names for the coming years, as well as many more meaningful projects.

Air mail week plans complete

National Air Mail Week will be celebrated here next week commemorating the 20th anniversary of the inauguration of air mail in the nation. The event has unusual significance in Farmington where the first rural mail route in Minnesota was established January 1, 1897; hence, the celebration here next week will mark 41 years of progress in transportation of mails.

In a letter to local postal patrons, Postmaster Edward C. Feely pointed out that 20 years ago next week the first mail route was established between New York Jan. 1, 1897, the first carriers, Alex Records, Wm. Harrington, G.W. Fletcher and Delton Day, started their duties. Their salary was $300 a year. Mr. Records made his first trip with 35 pieces of mail and picked up none....

Besides Postmaster Feely, the other local postal employees are Leslie Whittier, assistant postmaster, and Eileen McGovern, clerk; Roy Anderson is the mail carrier between the post office and railway depot.

Rosemount School notes

Dorothy Bartelt has been chosen the valedictorian of Rosemount school for the year 1938 with an average of 95.6. Rose Marie Ruhr, the second highest is salutatorian with an average of 93.6 for her four years of high school. Ethel Franzmeier was third with an average slightly below that of the salutorian. Both girls have been active throughout their high school careers in extra-curricular activities.

75 years ago

From the May 13, 1938

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Crowd see air mail event here

History was made here Thursday morning of this week when the first air mail plane dropped out of the sky and picked up the first air mail pouch at the landing field south of the Frank Knoblauch residence in the east part of town. It was part of the observance of Air Mail Week.

Despite a light rain, several hundred local residents, including the school youngsters and instructors, attended the historic event.

Postmaster Edward C. Feely and Assistant Postmaster Leslie Whittier presented the mail pouch containing 215 air mail letters to the pilot, Robert K. Rowley of Minneapolis. After the pilot signed for the pouch the three posed for a Tribune photographer. In a moment the plane left for other points.

Rosemount field days is May 25

Rosemount's third annual Field Day to be held Wednesday, May 25, is sponsored by the Rosemount public school and the Rosemount Commercial Club. They hope to make this one of the outstanding events in Rosemount history.

The purpose of this achievement is to promote child health which has been recognized as one of the principal factors of education. The sponsors of this Field Day hope that the development of desirable citizenship will be fostered; that the characteristics and qualities needed in a good serviceable life will be emphasized.

Found guilty in turkey case

Mrs. Lynn Bowe of Farmington last week was found guilty of a charge of attempting to steal turkeys from Aldred Albers west of Northfield by a jury in district court at Faribault with Judge J.E. Haycraft of Fairmont presiding.

She was sentenced to serve 45 days in the county jail and the sentence was suspended for a year. She must report to the court in November and May.

Mr. Bowe, charged jointly with his wife, pleaded guilty.

Mrs. Bowe who was shot in the back by Albers, owner of the fowls, contended she was going after her husband whom she thought was looking for wood and that she knew nothing of the theft of the turkeys.

100 years ago

From the May 9, 1913

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

New Catholic church to lay corner stone

The ceremony of the laying of the corner stone of St. Michaels new church will take place on the afternoon of Trinity Sunday, May 18, at 3 o'clock. Right Rev. Bishop Lawler of St. Paul will officiate and preach the sermon. Large delegations are expected from the parishes of Rosemount, Lakeville, Prior Lake, Vermillion, New Market and Coates station. As the building of this splendid edifice is an improvement to the town both in the way of increasing property values, as well as morally, we think the town should put on its best dress, the streets and alley to be all spick and span, so visitors may carry away a good impression of our booming city. The ladies of St. Michaels parish will serve at noon on May 18, and will be prepared to take care of all who will patronize them.


Richard Powers wife and family spent Sunday here.

John Fury of Wescott called on friends here Sunday.

Madie Devitt of St. Paul spent Sunday at her home here.

Mrs. Fred Swartz and sons visited relatives in Lebanon Sunday.

Thomas Callahan of St. Paul spent Sunday at his home here.