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Looking back

20 years ago

From the March 11, 1993

edition of the Farmington Independent and the March 12, 1993 edition of the Rosemount Town Pages

Another airport meeting headed for Rosemount

Rosemount High School is the site of a public meeting to discuss the range of issues that will be considered in an environmental study of the impacts of a new airport in Dakota County.

The meeting, sponsored by the Metropolitan Airports Commission, will cover the scope of the Alternative Environmental Document (AED). This document ... will spell out the impact of having a new airport within the Dakota County Search Area....

In recent action, the MAC narrowed down the Dakota County Search Area to three sites -- two near Hastings and one between Rosemount and Farmington. the third site, which wipes out the city of Coates, could have a major noise impact on Rosemount.

Gerten captures state title

In Hollywood-style, Rosemount senior Henry Gerten returned from a serious knee injury suffered seven months ago to win the state title in his weight division at (the 1993 Minnesota State High School Wrestling tournament). Gerten, who returned in January, capped off an unbeaten season (19-0) with a 5-3 decision over St.Francis' Barrett Goyler to win the Class AA championship match at 119 pounds.

The Irish captain had appeared in the two previous state tournaments, finishing third at 112 pounds last year.

Toy guns becoming problem in Farmington

In today's often-times violent world, when young people play with guns it is not assumed that they are simple toys....

The Farmington community realized these facts when a juvenile boy brought what looked like a real gun to Farmington Middle School on Feb. 10 and threatened several of his classmates.

It was later found to be a toy that was an exact replica of a pistol...

Police officers at the 5th Grade Carnival were informed of two male juveniles who were there with guns.?When the youth were found, the toy guns they had were replicas of .45 automatics...

Because of these two incidents, the police department has talked with area businesses who carry toy guns that are similar to those.

Dueber's department store ... has decided to discontinue selling any toy guns.

50 years ago

From the March 14, 1963

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

$2 million shopping center, Rosemount

Mayor George Ward said Wednesday morning that a two-million dollar shopping center was set to enter Rosemount Village at the west edge in the very near future.

A special meeting was held by the council Tuesday night to zone approximately 12 acres "commercial," from original agriculture. This new zoning was done by special ordinance.

The land formerly belonged to Art Fischer and Frank Barnes. An appraiser, John Young, Minneapolis, is representing the business interests involved.

Location of the tract is in the triangular piece between County Road 33 and 42, just at the west edge....

Young did not elaborate on the type of stores other than to say there may be a filling station in the apex of the triangle with stores behind it. He did not say how many stores.

Bell moves factory to Castle Rock; Cardinal to Farmington

Maynard Bell, employed at Woodcraft Manufacturing Company the past 19 years, has purchased much of the equipment in Woodcraft's Factory No. 2 in the Hanson building on Second Street and is moving the plant to the Jurries building which he purchased in Castle Rock village.

The new firm will be known as Bell Manufacturing Company, and will take over manufacture of Woodcraft's Early American Accessories, shelves and stack tables, kitchen cabinets and other items to come later....

Cardinal Electronics now located in the former trailer factory building, Cedar Avenue and County 64, will move to the Hanson building, formerly Woodcraft plant No. 2 in about 30 days....

Burns indicated the Cardinal company manufactures TV color and black-white picture tubes.

75 years ago

From the March 18, 1938

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Lad, 17, shot here Saturday

Robert Mandell, 17-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. George Mandell of Farmington, is lying in Community Hospital suffering from a bullet hole just below the right thigh Saturday afternoon near the village dump at the northwest edge of town.

The .22 calibre bullet is believed to have been fired by two boys who were shooting nearly two blocks away. However, the two boys deny it was fired by them. Authorities are investigating but have not announced their findings.

The shooting occurred about 2:00 Saturday afternoon....

Just as Robert stepped out from behind the big tree, a bullet hit him just below the right thigh. He said it felt as though someone had slapped him on the leg. He said after he was hit, other bullets came whizzing in their direction.

Rosemount school notes

6th, 7th and 8th grades

The following people from the sixth, seventh and eighth grades are on the "A" honor roll for the fourth six weeks period of school: Allen O'Rourke, Francis McDonough, Marcella Ruhr, Betty Lou Schoen, Mary Allgor, Mary Chapdelaine, Madeline Barger and Adaline Harrington, Ernest Chandler, Florence Heuer, Irene Wodke, Vyollet Ann Jacobson, Edward McMenomy and Thomas Vought are on the "B" honor roll.

High School

With completion keen in both sophomore and junior and senior typing classes, students are vying with each other on 10-minute daily speed tests with surprising results. Those typing above 35 words per minute are: Alvin Berry, Ann Jenson, Harry Jenson, Margaret Mueller, Mary Margaret Schiltgen, Mildred Bester, Anna Holz, Linda Jacobson, Esther Linkert, James Geraghty, Alvina Ratzlaff, Rose Marie Ruhr, Dorothy Bartelt, Florence Beise and Adell Schwanz.

100 years ago

From the March 14, 1913

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

"Wets" are winners

The big political battle of the year was pulled off Tuesday. Shortly after 4 o'clock in the morning before The Tribune printers were pulled out of bed and for about eight hours straight all our presses were run about as fast as they could turn the wheels in printing ballots for the election held in Farmington and the different towns tributary to Farmington.

At no place was the fight bitter, but the "wets" and "drys" in the local field were lined up in a way that showed that both meant business and were out to win.

This was a battle in which the participants on one side were voting as a matter of personal importance, while the other side waged a moral war against an enemy which they thought is against the public good....

The question of voting for and against license was voted upon. A heavy vote was brought out, 258 votes being cast as against 246 a year ago. The vote on saloon license was four less.

The following is the vote:

For license ... 134

Against license ... 120

The women voted

The most interesting feature in Farmington Tuesday was the women's election inaugurated by The Tribune and held at Hoffman's implement store to determine whether or not the women of Farmington were in favor of licensing saloons....

We have been told that women are indifferent about voting, that they don't care to take any part in politics....

But we don't believe it or at least we don't believe Farmington women think any such thing....

This vote proves two points: First, that women do want the ballot, and second, that they are opposed to the licensing of the saloon....

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