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Looking back

20 years ago

From the March 4, 1993 edition of the Farmington Independent and the March 5, 1993 edition of the Rosemount Town Pages

Gramentz finishes sixth at state competition

Tiger gymnast Lynn Gramentz finished sixth on floor exercise in her fourth consecutive state Class A gymnastics competition on Saturday.

She narrowly missed being in the top five medal winners for the event with her score of 9.30....

Gramentz took first in the floor competition in 1991 with a 9.70, which gave her the state record....

Lynn will be graduating from?FHS?this year and will be looking to compete on the gymnastics and track teams at Winona State University next year.

Armory construction is running smoothly

The armory/community center project is running smoothly and right on time, according to the city of Rosemount.

The city is still working with the contractors to see if the completion date of the all-purpose arena can be moved up to Dec. 15, 1993 ...

The advantage of an earlier opening for the arena is, of course, gaining the profits from all the ice time that is needed in December and January by area schools, hockey and ringette leagues, and figure skating clubs...

The City Council also approved, at its March 2 meeting, the start up of procedures for hiring a community center manager to begin work in early May.

50 years ago

From the March 7, 1963 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Walk 62 miles to Rochester

A 62-milie, 15 1/2 hour "vigah" hike for two Farmington 17-year-old seniors didn't bother them too much Saturday.

Mike Sly and Bob Reihsen began to wonder why they were doing it about three-fourths of the way....

The boys agreed it was the mental problems, more than the physical ones.?The 62-mile grind took from five a.m. until 8 p.m. Saturday. They hitch-hiked home Sunday....

They had dinner at Zumbrota, and before their arrival at Rochester, they were talking to themselves.

They planned the hike for about two weeks. Many friends said they'd never do it.

Bright-display radar installed

Television-type, bright-display radar, costing an estimated quarter-million dollars, is being installed in the Farmington Air Traffic Control center.

With the sky becoming really crowded, the job of keeping the planes from colliding is more important than ever.

Now, with the new bright-green "blips," and air traffic lanes, it's like watching a television program, with the spots -- representing airplanes -- clearly defined against a dark green field.

Rosemount ups teacher salaries

The Rosemount school board at a meeting approved teachers salaries to begin at $4,900 next year, a $200 raise that is about $100 below the suburban pattern.

They will climb in five yearly raises at $245, and then six at $294, to a maximum of $7,567....

The new schedule will cost about $25,000 more next year for the approximately 55 teachers now employed by the district, according to H. C. Hanson, superintendent.

Rosemount FFA?banquet held

The Rosemount FFA Chapter had its annual parent-son banquet on February 23....

The Chapter gave out honorary membership to Mrs. Kenneth Monson and Carl Volkert.

Bob Fischer, Allen Wutschke and Dennis Groth were presented with trophies that they had won in our fall corn show.

Mr. Birdsall, from the Twin City Milk, was our speaker for the evening, it was very interesting.

75 years ago

From the March 11, 1938 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Denzer, Walsh, Casserly file

Herbert C. Denzer, prominent farmer residing a mile north of Farmington, started in the footsteps of his father Monday by entering county politics. He filed for the office of county treasurer.,,,

Another Farmington man tossed his hat in the county political arena Tuesday when Pat Walsh, local police chief six years, filed for the office of sheriff. Chief Walsh is the first candidate to file for that office....

Eugene Casserly of Hastings filed for clerk of district court this week.

Light vote at town elections

Township elections Tuesday for the most part were quiet, as many candidates had no opposition ... Complete returns are as follows:

Castle Rock:

Supervisor, 3 years: F. J.?Damann, 50 votes; Will May, 60 votes; Clerk, 2 years: J. B. Stevens; Justice, 2 years: Stanley Billey; Constable, 2 years: Nick May.

113 votes were cast and no money was appropriated.


Supervisor, 3 years: Matthew Hagney; Clerk, 2 years: Joseph A. Weisbrich.

$500.00 was appropriated to the general fund.

24 votes were cast.


Supervisor, 3 years: T. L. Corrigan; Clerk, 2 years: H. J. Mongan; Justice, 2 years: M. J. Mullery; Justice, 1 year: Joe Conzemius; Constable, Emil Boche.

$1,000 was voted for general revenue and $500 for snow removal.

200 votes were cast.


Supervisor, 3 years: Noel T. Holt; Clerk, 2 years, S. O. Thompson; Constable, E. Thompson.

$1,000 was appropriated for road and bridge fund aid and $500 for general purposes.

45 votes were cast.

Rosemount news

Miss Helen Vought, daughter of Mrs. Mildred Vought, had the misfortune to fall while skating and suffered a broken arm on Tuesday afternoon.

The Needle Art class met in Bernier's reception room above Zimmerman's store on Tuesday. Many new members were present. Everyone is invited to bring her needle problems next Tuesday at 10 a.m., also bring your lunch and stay all day.

Mr. and Mrs. Al Schmitz (nee Ethel Corcoran) are the proud parents of a baby girl born Saturday in Hastings.

We were informed that Governor Elmer Benson was very well pleased and surprised at the turnout in Rosemount, especially the school board. His good will tour of all Dakota county towns and industries was most enthusiastically received.

100 years ago

From the March 7, 1913 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Women may vote

The assertion that the temperance question was defeated in a recent election in one of our western "sufferage: states by the votes of the women, most of whom it is claimed voted in favor of saloons, caused such a jar to the apostles of the good cause as to set them all "a guessing."

Frankly we do not believe that the women of the country at large are in sympathy with the liquor interest and especially do we believe this to be true here....

Of course their votes would be merely an expression of opinion and would have no legal bearing upon the result as decided by the legal electors of the village. But as an expression of opinion from the mothers and wives it would be a moral factor not to be disregarded by the council in its further action.