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Looking back

25 years ago

From the Feb. 18, 1988 edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

DCTI requests $4.5 million for 105 acres of U of M land

Minnesota Senate Finance Education Subcommittee members made a capital budget site visitation to the Dakota County Technical Institute Intermediate District 917, in Rosemount Friday, Feb. 12.

The institute is requesting $4.5 million to acquire 105 acres of land; purchase its leased childcare facility; and make other improvements....

Dave Schroder, director of post-secondary and adult education, told committee members that the institute is growing. It has more than 2,300 full-time students, 19,000 extension or night students, and 600 secondary students....

Arne Lucke, architect said the institute would acquire 105 acres of contiguous land from the University of Minnesota Research Center. Most of it lies immediately south, although 10 acres lie between the institute's east property line and Audrey Avenue....

Buying the land, Lucke said would also allow expansion of the training program for electrical line workers. Instead of installing underground wiring and poles on mostly flat terrain as they do now, students would get experience on rough and hilly terrain.

Lucke said the institute would also construct storage for truck tractors used in the truck driver training program and for instructional materials and the maintenance shop. Now, truck tractors are stored a mile and half away in leased space: instructional materials are stored in leased space and within the institute; and the maintenance shop occupies cramped space at the institute.

50 years ago

From the Feb. 14, 1963 edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Crash claims pilot Roy Almquist, age 47, and 42 others in Florida

Stunned relatives of Northwest Airlines Jet Pilot Roy Almquist awaited official word on the fate of the prominent Rosemount pilot-businessman, presumed dead with 42 others, as the Boeing 720 B jet crashed and burned in the Florida everglades Tuesday afternoon.

"No survivors" was the word from the remote crash area. The plane was completely burned and gutted, a helicopter pilot reported.

Reports of a fireball in the air, plus the fact no radio word was received, indicated a possible mid-air explosion. The investigation was not completed at presstime.

The plan landed with such force the tail section was over 100 yards from the cabin. Most of the bodies were still inside when the wreckage was finally located....

Air traffic officials said there was no hint of trouble in the pilot-to-ground conversations. The takeoff occurred in poor visibility and in squalls which were part of gusty, rainy weather that occasioned tornado alerts earlier in central and southern Florida.

Rosemount's bucket brigade nears crown

The bucket brigade of Rosemount High School is rushing towards its most significant basketball game in its three-year association with the Missota Conference when it faces the challenge of the invading Spartans of Simley this Friday.

Even though the Irish cagers have been the winningest team in the Missota loop during the three-year interim, Coach Fred Sheridan's basketeers have yet to capture a pennant and victory this week will give them that championship.

The Irish gained a piece of the bauble last Friday when their invasion of Prior Lake proved successful to the tune of 55-48 for their eighth straight win. Balanced scoring and fine defensive work turned the trick for the league leaders, who had three players in double figures.

Should Rosemount lose this week they still would have one more chance to capture the pennant outright the following week but their objective is two-fold - win the pennant and be the first team to do so with an unbleamished record.

Jaycees at Rosemount plan junior bowling

The Rosemount Jaycees are starting a junior bowling league to run 11 weeks, at the Satellite Lanes.

There will be two age groups, the Bantams, who will go two games beginning at 9 a.m., ages 8 to 13; and the juniors who will bowl three games at 11, ages 13 to 18.

The league starts Saturday, February 16.

The first week will be a clinic, giving basic instructions in bowling. Members who will be giving instructions are Don Ryan, Eldon Quam, Clem Reis, and Mary Ratzlaff.

Town election filings closed

Filings closed February 11 for the annual March 12 town election. Town residents will have their annual get together to discuss their problems.

Discussions should be rather peppy this year with the Municipal Commission and population involvements complicating matters.

Rosemount Township

Rosemount Township filings for the March 12 election were George A. Johnson, incumbent, supervisor; Donald Wachter, incumbent, assessor; Raymond B. McClung, incumbent, treasurer; and no filing for justice of the peace.

75 years ago

From the Feb. 18, 1938 edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Lightning kills Holstein bull

A February bolt of lightning struck and killed a 2,000-pound bull shortly before midnight Saturday at the A.W. Ohmann farm near Coates station.

The dead animal which was in a pen 150 feet from the house, was not discovered until the next morning when Freddie Ohmann, son of the owner, went to give the animal its breakfast of silage.

Mrs. Ohmann, first with the news tip, said the bolt hit the wire fence and ran to the bull pen where it split off part of the sill and killed the bull, worth about $120 on the beef market. It is partly covered by insurance.

"I had just got up as the lightning struck and had all I could do to stay on my feet; it was the funniest sound I ever heard," Mrs. Ohmann said.

The dead bull was picked up by Hoglund Bros., Minneapolis, who said it was the largest animal they had ever hauled.

Ryan & Corcoran sponsor show

Ryan & Corcoran are sponsoring a show of talking pictures in connection with John Deere day at Rosemount on Feb. 24.

Admission will be by tickets which are free. A free lunch will also be served at noon. See ad in this issue.

Rosemount school notes:First and second grades

Those who have not yet been absent since school began are: Gene Geronime, Jean, June and Willis Harrington, Virgil Schuble and Beverly Jean Vought.

Third, fourth and fifth news

The honor roll for the last six weeks consists of Lester Allgor and Geraldine Deeg of the third grade, James Deeg, Patricia Gibson and Eileen LeMay of the fourth grade and Louis Bernier, Charles Kohls, Mary O'Rourke and Rose Marie Streese of the fifth grade.

100 years ago

From the Feb. 14, 1913 edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Postmaster Devitt resigns

It is with profound regret we learn of the resignation of T.E. Devitt as postmaster at Rosemount, notice which is given by Mr. Devitt himself in this column.

His resignation will take effect April 1, 20 years after he received the appointment.

In his resignation, Uncle Sam loses of his most faithful servants and he has many friends who will be sorry to learn of his forced resignation, but his health will not permit him to remain in the office any longer. He has labored faithful in pleasing the patrons of that office and perhaps there is not another in the postal service who has done more to please his patrons than he and he lays off the official harness taking with him the regrets of every person of the office.

A little more than a year ago he was taken with asthma and hay fever and had some trouble with his lungs, but he had grown better and it was hoped he had regained his former good health, but it seems he has a return of his old trouble and it is to battle with the old enemy and shake himself from its coils that he lays aside his life work.