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Looking back

25 years ago

From the Feb. 11, 1988 edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

New schools mean opportunities

Emphasis on self-esteem and new opportunities is the consensus on how district personnel will handle changes once new attendance boundaries are in effect.

The District 196 School Board will make its final decision Feb. 8 to how lines will be drawn to accommodate three new schools.

After three public hearings, letters and phone calls from district residents, board members will allow more comment before they make their final decision, according to Bill Smith, board chairman....

Rosemount High School will help students feel good about themselves, but reassuring their self-esteem, Dewey said, adding they'll talk about having opportunities to see how successful each person can be.

During the boundary hearings, the school board heard many parents discuss concerns about school and community identity. When students who have gone to Apple Valley High School will have to go to Rosemount High School, they will be attending a "rival" school, or students going to Eagan High School will have a new school with no previous identity. In the case of Rosemount High, the largest number of students will be from Apple Valley in 1989-90, Rehwaldt said.

Airport issue discussed

The Rosemount City Council approved the decision to make a formal request to the Metropolitan Council for a Rosemount representative to sit on the council in order to express the views of the city regarding the airport issue. The Metropolitan Council meets once a month and is currently doing a study on updating the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport master plan.

City administrator Stephan Jilk said that even if the request is denied by the Metropolitan Council someone from Rosemount should be at the meetings.

Fire department officers elected

Two officers of the Rosemount Fire Department took their oaths at the Rosemount City Council meeting Tuesday, Feb. 2. Scott Aker will serve a two-year term as fire chief and Jerry Anderson will serve a one-year term as assistant chief. A special election will be held for the position of secretary at the March meeting of the fire department.

50 years ago

From the Feb. 4, 1963 edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

School plans will be discussed at Rosemount

The public is invited to attend the school board meeting Monday evening, Feb. 11 at 7:30 p.m. in Rosemount at which time the architects, Hammel and Green, are expected to be present to discuss plans for the new school.

The architects have been meeting with the administration and faculty members, planning the special rooms for such activities as shop, home economics, band, drama and sports.

"Irish" continue on victory trail

The onrushing Rosemount High School basketball team, seeking its first cage crown in the Missota Conference, travels to Prior Lake this Friday for a game which holds a three-fold importance to the cage plans of the Irish this year....

A victory would clinch a tie for the championship, keep them on the unbeaten path, and assure them of the first double victory over a Prior Lake basketball team since the inception of the Missota loop three years ago....

Rosemount was successful in its most rugged battle of the year as a basket with 5 seconds remaining in the game by Jim O'Brien eked out a 37-35 win before a jammed house.

Contracts let,Rosemount's navigation unit

Work may start March 1 on the transit injection transmitter facility at Rosemount, Lt. R.H. Dodge of the Minneapolis Naval Air Station told this newspaper.

A contract for $1,073,842 to Electronics Specialty Company of Los Angeles, the prime contractor, was awarded recently.

Preston Haglin, Minneapolis, is general contractor. Lt. Dodge said from 45 to 50 military and civilian personnel will be employed at the facility located on 18.1 acres in the northwest part of the Rosemount Research Center. The land is being leased to the Navy by the University of Minnesota.

The station is a navigational satellite system for the defense department and may be operational Sept. 1. The injection station is being build now, the tracking station will be built later.

75 years ago

From the Feb. 11, 1938 edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Three shotgun blasts keep Rosemount from darkness

Three blasts from a shotgun kept Rosemount from being thrown into darkness Friday night when someone threw an iron wire over the 13,000 volt electric line near the P.J. Hynes farm four miles northwest of here, causing a grounded circuit to set fire to the pole and wire belonging to the Northern States Power company.

The blaze on the pole was discovered at 6:30 by Ralph Rolfing,...

How to remove the wire from its blazing position without returning to town and shutting off the current to Rosemount was a problem.

Suddenly (J.L. Madison) conceived an idea. He procured the services of Ralph Rolfing and his shotgun and instructed him where to shoot to remove the pesky wire.

The first blast from the gun moved the wire slightly. The next blast moved it some more. The third and final shot knocked it clear of the line....

Had the ground circuit continued, the pole would have been turned off and the cross arm and wire would have melted, thus the whole area, including Rosemount, would have been in darkness.

The boys down at the Northern States Power office at Faribault say they never hear of such a method to remove a wire from a dangerous position. Neither did Mr. Madison. But the ideas clicked.

Rosemount News

Jim Doyle Jr., was called out of bed at 3 o'clock Tuesday morning to sell gas to parties stranded on the highway without gas. They told him first that they wanted to have their car filled up but when he was ready at their service they wanted but one gallon. Jim had a few words with them over the small purchase at that time of night, and Jim Hyland, cop standing nearby, also had some words with them and he ordered them to leave town. They drove north, and a half hour later an attempt was made to rob the night club house of Charles Rosenberger of South Robert Road about six miles northeast of Rosemount.

In the party were three men and entrance was tried through a window. Mr. Rosenberger, who sleeps in the station, heard them and got up. One of the men threw a rock through a window and then fired a shot at the attendant, which barely missed his head.

Mr. Rosenberger returned the fire and the party left. Charles Wallace, Dakota County Deputy Sheriff, was notified and a suspect was picked up. Mr. Doyle and Patrolman Mike Fitzpatrick went to St. Paul Wednesday to try and identify the prisoner as one of the trio to whom he sold the gas.

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