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Looking back

25 years ago

From the Feb. 4, 1988 edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

State moves to join in suits against Koch

The state of Minnesota has asked the federal district to allow its intervention in the lawsuits against Koch Refining Co., in Rosemount brought by two environmental groups and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) last year.

Alan Mitchell, special assistant attorney general, explained the state wants to intervene in the lawsuits to assure that any civil penalties collected for pollution violations will go to the state treasury. Protecting Minnesota's environment from Koch's alleged violations is also considered a major goal....

Mitchell also said that Koch has asked the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) to issue a new permit covering the expansion of operations at the refinery....

Lawsuits against Koch have had a domino effect in recent months with two citizens' groups, the Atlantic States Legal Foundation and Citizens for a Better Environment, starting the motion last July. The suit alleges that the refinery has repeatedly exceeded its permitted limits of dumping hexavalent chromium, sulfide, ammonia and other waste material into the Mississippi River. The EPA brought suit against Koch in October on similar allegations, and in December, the MPCA voted to get involved in the litigation. The MPCA, at that time, requested that the state intervene in the lawsuits.

50 years ago

From the Jan. 31, 1963 edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Panthers eye Irish "string"

The most important game of the year in the Missota Conference basketball race will take place this Friday when Lakeville travels to Rosemount in an effort to gain a first place tie with the undefeated Irish.

A Rosemount victory will turn the latter situation into a reality while a Lakeville success would make the campaign a touch-and-go proposition....

Rosemount has a slight edge on scoring with a game average of 56.1, compared to the Panthers' 54.5, while the defensive average of the Irish is well ahead of Lakeville, 38.8 to 44.5 per contest. The fact that Rosemount will be playing on its home court for the first time in three weeks should give them the advantage, however slight it may be, but the nip and tuck battle the Irish had with Burnsville last week could indicate that the pressures which accompany teams straining to stay ahead of the pack have started to infiltrate the composure of the Rosemount quint.

Junior ice contest

Rosemount Jaycees Junior ice fishing contest held on January 27 was an unqualified success in spite of the cold weather which forced the contest to a close before the time expired. Dale Judkins, 10, winner with the largest fish in junior division; and Greg Monson, 11, winner with the largest fish in senior division. 84 youngsters up to 16 years of age were registered in the contest with a total of 40 fish caught, all crappies, in the 1 and 1/2 hour contest... Prize for the youngest fisherman went to Shelly Cliff, 4, and to Tom Degiovanni for the first and most in the junior division with 11 crappies. Tom Banaszewski took the prize in the senior division with 11 fish, also for the first and most fish. Other prize winners were Tom Warner, Karen Monson, Curtis Olson, Cindy Fairbanks and Greg Monson.

Rosemount plans for new school

The school board in Rosemount is proceeding with preliminary plans for the new senior high school and meetings have been held with senior high school teachers concerned and many will be held in the next month.

The drawings and plans for the next stages will be reviewed at that time by the board... It is hoped construction can begin this summer.

75 years ago

From the Feb. 4, 1938 edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Buys Ewing's gas station

H.W. Christensen of Valley City, N.D., has arrived with his family and has taken possession of the Skelly station which he purchased from Carl Ewing. Mr. Christensen has been engaged in the electrical business at Valley City for many years and will do electrical work in connection with the gas and oil business....

He plans to leave soon for Rosemount where he expects to re-open on or about February first and expects his family to join him there at that time.

100 years ago

From the Jan. 31, 1913 edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Rosemount and Lakeville post office situation

There are many readers who may be wondering since the country has gone democratic who will be the next postmasters at Rosemount and Lakeville.

Like the Farmington office, there will be no change.

Several years ago President Taft recommended that all fourth-class offices be put under the civil service system and the Congress passed a bill to that effect, and as we understand it they are not appointed for any certain length of time and are not subject to change with the administration.

T.E. Devitt has been postmaster at Rosemount since May 1893, which makes his twentieth year. He was appointed during Grover Cleveland's second term and his services have been rendered with such satisfaction that no one has ever made any effort to secure his position at the expiration of his different terms and he has continued to hold the office without opposition. He is careful and painstaking, and is well liked by the patrons of the office and will very likely hold the office the balance of his days.