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Looking back

25 years ago

From the Jan. 21, 1988 edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

The Rev. Thomas Haines

Faith Lutheran Church of Valley Park announces the installation of its new pastor, the Rev. Thomas Haines. The installation took place Jan. 10, with the Rev. Ron Peterson officiating.

The Haines family has relocated from Mountain Iron.

St. Joseph names poster contest winners

Winners of the Knights of Columbus poster contest at St. Joseph's Parish in Rosemount were announced by the poster contest committee last week.

Boys and girls were awarded prizes on their original design poster using the theme "Keep Christ in Christmas."....

Overall winners were: Julie Folger, first place; Jennifer Neumann, second place; Andrea Peters, third place; and Michelle Neumann, fourth place.

Grade winners are: kindergarten, Laura Falklenberg, first place; Rebecca Swanson, second place, Riensa Dee, third place.

First grade, Kimberly Thull, first place; Mara Foreman, second place, Nicholas Mrozinski, third place.

Second place, Katie Hawkins; first place, Cathy Francois; second place, Betsy McNearney, third place.

Third grade - Jennifer Neumann, first place; Jeff Nivala, second place; Joshua Dorniden, third place.

Fourth grade - Renee Hawkins, first place; Robin Vorqerk, second place; Tim Dealy, third place.

Fifth grade - Laura Chvatal, first place; Michelle Swanson, second place; Lora Hortsch, third place.

Sixth grade - Erin Delaney, first place; Tim Lauer, second place; Carrie Sinclair, third place.

Seventh grade - Kelly Corrigan, first place; Rachael Larson; second place; Robert Slipka, third place.

Eighth grade - Matthew Joseph, first place; Brian Dohmen, second place; Mike O'Hearn, third place.

50 years ago

From the Jan. 17, 1963 edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

House of Coates to have grand opening, Jan. 19

According to an ad elsewhere in this issue, the House of Coates will hold a grand opening Saturday, Jan. 19.

The new owners, Barb and Ed Bohn, said free refreshments will be served from 9 to 10 p.m. and there will be live music and souvenirs.

The dining room will feature chicken on Wednesday evenings and a fish fry on Friday nights. They have facilities for wedding receptions, meetings, bowling parties, etc.

Appointments are made at Rosemount

At a regular meeting of the Rosemount village council on January 8, in addition to the regular business of the meeting, a number of appointments were made.

Leo Fluegel was reappointed to the utilities commission for a three-year term.

Dr. Erickson and Dr. Mardell were appointed to the village board of health; F. Mullery was appointed as work inspector; P.F. Corrigan was appointed liquor commission.

The First State Bank of Rosemount was designated as the official newspaper for 1963. All appointments were unanimously approved by the council members.

Also voted by unanimous ballot was Ed McMenomy as village counselor on the same basis as in the past.

Renamed to the planning commission were: H.C. Hanson, Louis Bernier, Jr., and Ed Gruber.

In further business acted upon by the council, it was agreed to change the time of appointments to the Planning Commission, Utilities Commission and Youth Commission to the first regular meeting held in January of each year.

The complete minutes of the meeting will be found elsewhere in this issue.

Can the Irish contain Tigers?

"The oldest rivalry of the southern metropolitan area will be perpetuated this Friday when Rosemount travels to Farmington for the first of their two annual basketball encounters. The Irish move into the den of the Tigers Missota Conference, for the time being at least while Farmington waits in eagerness just as David waited for Goliath in a different sport and a different league a few years back.

Rosemount kept its record unblemished as they snuffed out the light of Simley's challenge with a 66-49 accomplishment while Farmington was dropping their third game out of four attempts to Prior Lake by a 48-42 count.

The balanced scoring displayed by the Irish in all their successes this season will be going for them this week, in addition to the height advantage which will be theirs while Farmington can rely on the aid of the friendly confines of their own abode and the inspiration obtained from that cliché that previous performances can be disregarded when old rivals meet on the field of battle or on the athletic field.

Rosemount News

The Rosemount Woman's Federation Club meeting will be held on Tuesday evening the 22, at the high school at 8 p.m. Mrs. Richard Dilla will have the program on "Iran, the Forgotten Inspirational" and Mrs. Jerome Degenaar the Federation News.

Hostesses will be Mmes: J. Malone, Gordon Von Kleek, and Garland Flippin.

The Little-5 Bridge Club met at the home of Mrs. Walter Collins on Wednesday for luncheon and Bridge.

Ronda Getchel celebrated her 8th birthday on Saturday by having some of her friends in for a birthday party.

The Tousignant families met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fischer on Sunday to help Mr. and Mrs. Harris Lawrence celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. Mrs. Lawrence is the former Betty Tousignant and lives with her husband and family in Blakely, Minnesota.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Snyder on the birth of a son on Thursday at Sanford Hospital.

75 years ago

From the Jan. 21, 1938 edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Rosemount carnival plans nearly complete

Plans for the Rosemount Winter Carnival Wednesday, January 26 have neared their final stretch this week. The advance sale of buttons indicates that a large crowd of local people and visitors will participate in the greatest celebration Rosemount has had in years.

Interest is mounting daily and by Carnival time enthusiasm is expected to reach a fever pitch. Over 800 buttons have been sold. The proceeds from the Winter Carnival will go to a fund for community recreation activities.

Seven candidates have been nominated for the honor of Queen of Rosemount Winter Carnival. The candidates are: Linda Jacobson, Jean Trevis, Mildred Alstadt, Dorothy Bartlet, Rose Marie Ruhr, Hazel Harmer, and Lorraine Schult. The coronation ceremony will take place at 7:45 p.m. at the skating rink and will be followed immediately by the parade.

Floats, sponsored by the merchants of Rosemount, the high school, and other community organizations will be part of the parade. Farmington, Lakeville, Hastings, Randolph, Mendota, South St. Paul, and the Sibley Commercial Club have been invited to participate in the parade.

The American Legion Post No 8 Drum Corps will march. The Hook 'em Cow Band will be present. The Hastings band will have a place in the parade. Invitations have been sent to 100 marching clubs of St. Paul to send delegations. The parade will start at 8 p.m.

Rosemount News

Fred Moeller has had the vault in the Moeller Café removed and the partition taken out and the dining room made larger, making room for more business.

The project met at the home of Mrs. Ed Knodt and it proved a very interesting meeting.

The P.T.A. District 17 held a meeting Friday evening at the school. A paper on crime, sent out by the State P.T.A. was read. The hot lunch at noon for the children which was last month's project was discussed further.

Recreation on the school ground is this month's project. Plans were made at once to make an ice rink.

The following day, the men members were to hold their "Bee" and get the "Bee Pond" ready. The Bee was: Harry Scott, Ernest Beise, James McDonald, William Scott, Walter King, Frank Scott, E. Johnson, E. Tousignant. Hope Miss Mullery doesn't have to administer "first aid" too often.

Games and lunch finished the meeting. Next month's meeting program, Founder's Day, to be held the second Tuesday of the month.

Earl Mielke helped saw wood at the H.D. Schindeldecker home Monday and Tuesday.

Misses Dorothea Barnes and Helen Strese hiked out to the Sam Barnes home Tuesday.

They were supper guests there and also attended the Hard-Time Party given at District No. 94.

Rosemount School News High school

The senior class has been holding a series of meetings recently to decide upon matters pertaining to their graduation in June. At the last meeting, rose and silver were chosen as the class colors and the sweet pea was chosen as the class flower. The group also selected a class motto, "While we live, let us live."

The colors, the flower, and the class motto will be used as a theme for the banquet which the junior class will give for the seniors sometime during the latter part of the school year.

The science and history classes this week are being taken care of by Mrs. Regan from Minneapolis, who is substituting for Mr. Kenneth Jacobson. Mr. Jacobson is expected to return to school within a few days.

100 years ago

From the Jan. 17, 1913 edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Money now all guaranteed

A meeting was held in the Music Hall, Farmington, January 14, that is sure to be an event of historic interest because it marked the first steps in securing a great highway which will run north from Farmington to south, and south to the intermost boundary of Texas, and without doubt on to the Panama Canal in due time.

Think of it! It will come about in this way!

A circular letter sent out from the state highway commission to the board of county commissioners in the counties concerned states the proposal of the government.

From a fund of $500,000 appropriated for building up the rightways of the county, the postmaster general and the secretary of agriculture will give $10,000 to improve any fifty-mile stretch of road that may be selected in the state over which rural route is, or may be established; provided, that the state or counties contribute $20,000 for the same fifty-mile stretch of road.

And furthermore, the counties shall provide for the maintenance of said road when it is completed.

The designation of the road and the rules for its upkeep shall be in the hands of the state highway commission.

Now the fact that this state highway commission is favorable to the running of such a road from St. Paul south, over the high bridge, thru Wescott, Rosemount, Farmington, Northfield, Faribault, Owatonna, was sufficient incentive to bring together the large and enthusiastic crowd of men from the counties of Dakota, Rice, and Steele, which met in Farmington, last Tuesday.


Bertha Heinen is spending this week at her home here.

Fred Swantz made a business trip to St. Paul last week.

Francis Devitt spent a few days with relatives and friends in St. Paul.

Thomas Cummings left Saturday for Jordan where he will attend school for three months.

Miss Irene Hogan who is teaching school at Orchard Lake spent Saturday and Sunday at home.

Henry Hagemeister made a business trip to St. Paul one day last week.