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<25 years ago

From the Oct. 1, 1987 edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Two Rosemount High School students are scholarship semi-finalists

Two Rosemount High School students have been named as National Merit Scholarship semi-finalists in the 33rd annual competition sponsored by the National Merit Scholarship Corp.

Vince Ganion, son of Norm and Diana Ganion of Apple Valley, and John Knight, son of Mary Knight of Eagan, will have an opportunity to continue in the 1988 competition for approximately 6,000 scholarships worth more than $23 million....

Ganion participates in basketball, concert and chamber choirs and plays the piano. He attends advanced placement classes in German, world literature, calculus, physics and computers.

Knight is active in basketball, the Academic Bowl and attends advanced, placement classes in German, world literature, calculus and physics.

Two join staff of Country Garden

Kathryn Cassem and Linda Rock, both of Rosemount, have joined the staff of the Country Garden Nursery School, Rosemount, as assistant teachers.

Cassem taught at a private school in Minneapolis and has taught animal behavior classes and summer camps at the Minnesota Zoo. She also has worked in District 196 as a substitute teacher.

Rock worked in South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia as an elementary teacher for seven years.

50 years ago

From the Sept. 27, 1962 edition of the Dakota County Tribune

Enrollments increase in Rosemount

The opening day elementary school enrollments in Rosemount were 827 compared to an expected enrollment of 810 at the end of the 1962-63 school term. Last year's enrollment was 699, thus showing a growth of 111 children or about 16%.

The junior-senior high school enrolled 483 students opening day, compared to 450 a year ago. This increase of 33 students amounts to about a 7% increase and the anticipated enrollment for high school by the end of the year is 527, which would reflect more than the normal 10% growth estimated.

New Rosemount Methodist Church

Rosemount Methodists will meet on October 3rd at 8 p.m. to vote on plans for a new church to be located near the Park Avenue Parsonage. The proposed plans call for two wings to be built in the near future with provision for additions in any of four directions.

The raised roof wings cover 58 by 70 feet and includes a social hall, parlor and kitchen. The social hall will seat 182 and will serve temporarily as the sanctuary.

The first educational wings, 102 by 50 feet, will contain seven classrooms, nursery and lavatories. Interior walls and partitions wil be painted block made from lightweight aggregate. Ceilings will be stained, wood decking supported by laminated wood beams and arches. The exterior walls will be faced with salmon buff sand mould brick....

Groundbreaking ceremonies are being planned for October 14. Architects for the new structure are Hills, Gilbertson and Fisher, Minneapolis.

Merrill Wachter heads FFA at Rosemount

The Rosemount F.F.A. chapter met for its first meeting of the school year at the school on Monday evening, September 17. The new officers for this year are as follows: President, Merrill Wachter; vice president, Jim O'Brien; secretary, Dennis Napper; treasurer, John Trog, Jr.; reporter, Dennis Groth; and sentinel, Tom Carroll....

This being the first meeting, the initiation of Green Hands was conducted. This year we have the largest number of Green Hands in the history of the chapter.

They are: James Banazewski, Gary Bentson, Ronald Bentson, Mike Chalpulsky, Mike Crosby, Kenneth Duclos, Tony Duclos, Robert Fischer, William Hammer, Albert Hanson, Ray Hawkins, Donald Jensen, Mike Kimm, Jim Luckman, Mark Mueller, Donald Paulseth, Reggie Steiner, Daniel Gustafson and Alan Wutschke.

75 years ago

From the Oct. 1, 1937 edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Truck sideswipes Rosemount Auto

The new Plymouth sedan driven by Maurice Phelan, residing five miles northwest of here, was sideswiped by a semi-truck on Highway 218, two miles north of Rosemount at 11:10 Tuesday night while the driver and Peter E. Tibbets, St. Paul Park beer parlor operator, were on their way to Rosemount. Tibbets formerly worked at Rosemount; Phelan is employed by the state highway department.

L.O. Bernier attends Buick dealer meet

New 1938 Buick cars will have one of the most important engine developments of the last 10 years and a startling new ride control said to be as revolutionary in its advantages as knee action, according to L.O. Bernier, Rosemount Buick dealer, who returned home today from a dealer meeting where dealers from this area were given their first look at the new cars.

Details of the new 1938 cars, Mr. Bernier said will not be announced publicly until about Oct. 15, or about 10 days prior to the annual New York Automobile Show. He indicated that the new Buicks will have exclusively two of the biggest automobile engineering advances of the 1938 year.

Several hundred Buick dealers from this area attended the meeting which was held to launch the 1938 program of this division of General Motors and hear sales, manufacturing and advertising plans discussed by factory executives.

Rosemount News

The interior of the state bank building is being redecorated.

The rubber check artist is abroad in the land and an occasional victim is found. Carl Ewing was soaked for $4 and a gallon of gas the other day. A man claiming to be stalled near town for want of gas applied to Carl's station for a gallon of gas and $4 on a check. The check was a rubber one and it bounced back. Carl is turning the matter over to the county attorney for prosecution.

The produce building, which was partly destroyed by fire some time ago, is being cleaned up and made ready to rebuild in the future.

100 years ago

From the Sept. 27, 1912 edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Rosemount man invests in land

Frank Hardy, manager of the Rosedale ranch near Rosemount has done his part during the past week in boosting Dakota County land. The other day he bought the Geo. McDonough 80 lying just east of Rosemount and a day or so later purchased 80 acres more from J.F. Geraghty which is adjoining an 80 he owned two miles east of town. Mr. Hardy is of the opinion that money invested in Dakota County land just now will bring good interest.

Rosemount News

Emma Hagemeister attended the fair in Farmington Thursday.

Lorene Doyel attended the fair in Farmington Thursday.

Elizabeth Geraghty was among the Farmington visitors Thursday.

Madeline Heinen, Ellen and John Hagney autoed to St. Paul Thursday evening to attend the A.O.H. ball.

Mrs. P. Mangan of St. Paul spent a few days last week at the M. Hogan home.

Henry Hagemeister made a business trip to St. Paul one day last week.

Lorene Doyel, Margie Doyel and Marie Callahan were Inver Grove visitors Sunday.

Fred Erdstein made a business trip to St. Paul Monday.