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Looking back

50 years ago

From the Aug. 16, 1962

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Notes on the County Fair

Helping with entries at the Dakota County Fair were Mr. and Mrs. F.W. Nelson and Lois Phyllis of Randolph, Mrs. Owen Storlie of Lakeville, Mrs. Alan Childs, of Randolph....

On Sunday night, Rogers Brothers said they had a better year than last. The carnival, which consists of 35 concessions and 11 rides, was situated in a new location near the grandstand....

The carnival has been "Rogers Brothers" since 1939 (23 years ago). Farmington was in their first circuit, and they had only two rides, the merry go round and the wheel. Rogers has played Farmington 22 out of the 23 years....

There was a large crowd for the K9 Variety Dog Show, involving an entertaining performance by four dogs. Attendance was about 175, and children and older folks alike were well entertained.

Three bands appeared at the fair. Farmington band, led by Joe Bolyard, performed Friday night; the Burnsville band directed by Ronald Ronning, played Saturday.

A total of 12,200 children's tickets were sold for carnival rides Friday and Saturday afternoons. They were the 10 cent tickets.

The Minnesota Highway patrol and the South St. Paul Safety Council cooperated on a safety booth by showing two films. One was on freeway driving, seatbelts and the other on bike safety, especially for children.

Keith N. Elliott, a patrolman specializing in safety promotion, was in charge and said patronage of the free films was good.

Rosemount News

Rev. and Mrs. R. Shoemaker and girls returned Wednesday from their vacation out West.

Mrs. Alan Cook and children of Rochester, Michigan are spending a few weeks at the home of her parents, the Melvin Thors.

Mrs. George Strese was the honored guest at an outdoor birthday party given on Friday morning by her neighbor ladies at the home of Mrs. Irma Spencer.

Fourteen guests were present, games played and a potluck lunch served. Mrs. Strese received many lovely gifts.

Mrs. Richard Werling left on Friday for Rapid City, South Dakota. Her husband who has been out there for some time, will return with her on Tuesday.

Mrs. Ann Mertens, and Mrs. Kurt Schneider and children were dinner guests of the Don Blanchards in Minneapolis on Friday.

Mrs. and Mrs. William Love of Puerto Rico were guests at the W.F. Collins home on Monday and Tuesday. They were enroute to Canada for their vacation.

Jimmie Carlisle is spending two weeks at Camp Courage. He left on Sunday.

Mrs. Fred Loeding and children spent last week vacationing at Spooner, Wisconsin.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Peters, Mrs. Richard DeVore and Tommy and Mrs. Larry Kidd and Freddie spent the weekend at Des Moines, Iowa, and attended a family reunion of Mrs. Peters' mother's family while there.

Dakota County sponsors pigeon show

The Dakota County pigeon show - a statewide venture - was popular in a tent near the poultry building at the fair.

A total of 163 birds were exhibited by 24 breeders. There were rollers, tumblers, pouters (birds which inhale but do not exhale immediately and get all puffed up), Jacobins which have huge hoods, and fan tails.

These were among his 23 breeds present. The pigeon association furnished their own prizes. Visitors came by the hundreds.

The grand prizes in the pigeon show were: Barba, Conrad Kellerman; Fantail, Earl Biederman Jr.; Racehomers, Jim Trenter; Roller, Jerome Johnson; Chinese Owls, Jim Jensen, all of St. Paul.

4-H auction brings big prices at fair

Higher prices than last year were paid by the 4-H auction bidders at the 1962 sale, Saturday morning.

The sale totaled $6,431.25, with one pen of chickens going for $2.00 per pound for live weight. The 22 pounds of chickens went to James Minor of Northfield, and the high-priced birds were bought by Eaton's Ranch.

The highest price paid for live beef was 48 cents, that being paid by Northfield Elevator, for James Nordseth's 1,085 pound beef, for a total of $391.20. Nordseth is from Farmington.

All the stock is being sold for the past two years, without identification to the buyer. All the potential buyers were treated to breakfast by the 4-H federation in the 4-H building, with about 40 being served....

Henry Fox is chairman of the auction committee, with Richard Aronson, and Paul Nell, as members. There were about eight volunteers from 4-H to help with the handling of the animals.

Fox said it was the 12th 4-H auction sale, and there's never been a failure. It has always been well patronized. Rain before and after the 1962 sale failed to dampen the spirits of the bidders.

Holz baptism held in Rosemount

Lorrie Jean, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Holz of Rosemount, was baptized on Sunday, August. 5, at Trinity Lutheran Church, Lone Oak.

Her sponsors were Mr. Marbert Heintz and Miss Shirlene Holz.

Present at the Baptismal dinner given in Lorrie's honor by her parents were: Rev. and Mrs. H.L. Paul, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Heintz and family, Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Golz and Mr. Otto Holz, Sr., and Mrs. Henry F. Englert.

75 years ago

From the Aug. 20, 1937

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Horse disease invades county

At least three horses on farms in the vicinity of Farmington have been stricken by this disease -- known by the medical name of "encephalomyelitis" -- it was reported this week by two local veterinarians.

More than a dozen horses in this area have been affected during the last two weeks by the contagious disease, which is believed to be spread by some type of mosquito or fly in a manner not yet discovered by science.

Coates and Rich Valley

Rev. Neunaber and family, and Mr. and Mrs. John Franzmeier and family attended the Walther League convention at Rochester Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Doebling Sr., and daughter were Monday visitors at the Albert Doebling home.

Mrs. Eleanor Volkert and daughter were Monday afternoon visitors at the Hinze home.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Groth and Adell Pieper made a trip to Iowa Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Sachwitz and family spent Sunday at the Payl Sachwitz home. In the evening Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Sachwitz and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Ohmann and daughter, and William Ohmann visited with them also.

Mrs. Eleanora Volkert and daughter, and Mr. and Mrs. F. Ohmann were dinner guests Sunday at the Ted Chamberlain home.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Doehling and daughter spent Friday evening at the Herbert Boche home.

George Franzmeier was a visitor at the Henry Groth home last Thursday.

100 years ago

From the Aug. 16, 1912

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Rosemount Page

Mrs. L.P. Warweg spent Sunday with friends in Farmington.

Mrs. Banks of Minneapolis spent a few days last week at the Edward McLafferty home.

W.E. Martin motored to St. Paul Friday.

Mrs. William Cadzow returned home last week after spending a few weeks with her daughter, Mrs. Richard Rowers of St. Paul.

Ethel Corcoran who has been on the sick list the past few weeks is able to be out and around again.

William Cahill of St. Paul spent Sunday at his home here.

Agnes Murnan returned to her home in St. Paul Monday after spending a week's visit at the Charles McCarthy home.

John Blondo while playing ball Sunday was sliding to third base and sprained his ankle. He will be unable to be around for a week or more.

Mrs. M. Farrell and son Leo are spending this week with relatives in Winnipeg.

Madie Devitt returned to her home here Monday after a week's visit with her sister, Mrs. John O'Maley in Rose Creek.

Peter Heinen was a St. Paul visitor Thursday.

George Dosey is on the sick list this week.

Louise Holman of Minneapolis spent Sunday with her brother, Herman Holman.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Welsh spent one day last week in St. Paul.

Mrs. C.R. Parker of Rosemount and her sister, Miss Gladys Jardine of Kakota, left Tuesday for a two week's visit with relatives at Guthrie Center and Des Moines, Ia.