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City will pick up storm debris through June 26

High winds early Tuesday morning knocked down trees and knocked out power.

Strong storms swept through the region early Tuesday morning, knocking down trees and cutting off power to many Rosemount residents.

Public works director Andy Brotzler said most of the damage in Rosemount was concentrated in the southwest corner of the city.

Brotzler said crews were out starting early Tuesday morning clearing roads and picking up debris. All roads were clear by Tuesday afternoon.

The storm also knocked out power to two sewer lift stations. Generators were brought in to keep the lifts operational.

One house had severe roof damage and fences were knocked over. No other serious structural damage has been reported.

The city will haul away storm debris through next Tuesday. Debris should be cut into 6-foot sections and placed at the curb for pickup. Call the Public Works department at 651-322-2022 to report your address and request pickup.