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Misunderstanding involving a BB gun causes concern at Rosemount High School

A misunderstanding involving a BB gun caused a moment of concern Thursday afternoon at Rosemount High School.

According to administrative assistant Tim Conboy, two students from another school had showed up after the school day was over to pick up some friends for a trip to the beach. While theywaited, one pulled out a BB gun and started playing with it. Nobody never pointed the gun at anybody or made any threats, but administrators and police liaison officer Chad Rosa talked to the students.

Conboy said police have submitted information to the Dakota County Attorney's office for possible charges.

"They didn't point it at anybody or do anything like that," Conboy said. "Of course we always want to be on the side of caution."

The school did not have to take any security measures beyond talking to the student. If something similar had happened during the school day it might have triggered a lock down and other actions.

"Fortunately, the school day had already ended, so it was less of an issue," Conboy said.