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Project planned to improve intersection

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is getting ready to make improvements at the intersection of County Road 66 and Highway 52.

MnDOT plans to do work in the summer of 2013 to improve safety at the intersection, which has been the site of 27 crashes since 2006. The current plan is to turn the crossing into what is known as a three-quarter intersection. Cars will be able to make right turns from Highway 52 onto County Road 66 or from 66 onto 52, but it will not be possible to cross the highway directly at the intersection. There would be a spot down the road from the intersection where drivers could make a U-turn to get where they want to go.

"It eliminates the most dangerous movements, straight across or making a left-hand turn across two lanes of traffic," said MnDOT's JP Gillach.

The benefit of the new design is that it reduces the possibility of right-angle or t-bone accidents that are the most likely to cause serious injury, Gillach said.

MnDOT took comments from residents at an open house Tuesday at Vermillion City Hall.