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Council swears in new police officer Tuesday

Alex Eckstein's mom pins his shield on him after Rosemount's new police officer was sworn in.

Alex Eckstein hasn't taken the most traditional approach to becoming a police officer. In fact, when he graduated from Apple Valley High School in 2006 it wasn't part of his plan at all.

After high school, Eckstein went onto the University of Minnesota and received a degree in environmental design. He worked in the field for a while, but it was wholly unsatisfying.

So Eckstein decided to go back to school for something he was passionate about: serving the community. He graduated from Rasmussen College with honors with a law enforcement certificate in March.

Since last August Eckstein has worked with the Rosemount Police Department as a community services officer. Nine months later he was hired as a full-time officer. Nearly 250 people applied for the job.

"I'm truly passionate about what I'm doing now and this is a great community to work for," Eckstein said.

Eckstein said he enjoyed working as a community services officer and looks forward to further serving Rosemount as a police officer. As a CSO Eckstein had the opportunity to do a lot of behind the scenes work, which helped him get to know people in the community.

Eckstein was sworn in by the Rosemount City Council and his mom pinned his shield to his chest during the May 15 meeting. He was hired at the end of April and will complete his field training in August. After the completion of his training Eckstein will work as a patrol officer. Police chief Gary Kalstabakken said Eckstein is a good fit for the department.

In his spare time Eckstein likes to volunteer with youth. He coaches high school lacrosse.

Eckstein said he hopes to go on to get his master's degree, and he would like to stay in the area.

"I don't really see myself going anywhere else," he said.