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Looking back

50 years ago

From the March 22, 1962 edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

David Toombs heads Rosemount Businessmen Assn.

David Toombs was elected President of the Rosemount Businessmen's Association, March 13 in the American Legion Club Hall.

Other officers are Jerome Fluegel, vice president; Lauri Parker, secretary-treasurer.

Teacher pay discussion show progress

Negotiations between teacher salary committees and school boards have shown progress at Farmington, have been completed at Lakeville, and appear to be settled at Rosemount with more discussion a possibility.


At Rosemount, the school board has agreed they would be able to pay $4,700 for the base pay (four-year-trained teachers), with the first five increments at 5%, and the balance of increments at 6%.

Rosemount has a difference in the number of steps, however, for example, the two-year-trained teachers have five steps, the three-year teachers, six steps, and the four-year-trained teachers and those with 45 credits, each have 11 steps. Masters' degree teachers have 12 steps.

The school board planned to meet Wednesday (today) with the teachers regarding the salary schedule.

"Dimes" tourney is held

There were 231 participants in the annual March of Dimes Bowling Tournament at the Satellite Lanes in Rosemount and contributions to the Rosemount March of dimes campaign totaled $174.

In the men's division 174 bowlers took part. The top ten were: Marvin Ratzlaff, cash award $10; Milton Stauffer, Maynard Johnson and Melvin Doffing, each $5 cash award; Herb Motz, plane ride for three; William Preston, motor tune-up; Gary McCluskey, $5 bag of cement; Gordon Root, $5 in trade; Robert Reitberger, car alignment; and Robert Brand, 8 games of bowling.

In the women's division there were 57 women who took part in the tournament. Winners were Pinky Fluegel, $10 cash; Dot Hagemeister, Mont Lawrence and Marion Osterberg, $5 cash award; Phyllis Barton, $6 in fertilizer; Mary Alice Meeler, lamp; Joan Holmann, $5 in trade; Evelyn Domick, miniature tractor; Lorrayne Fox, two T-bone steaks and Ellen McMenomy, $3 cash award.

75 years ago

From the March 26, 1937 edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Coates and Rich Valley

Albert Doehling took hogs to So. St. Paul, Tuesday.

Brummond brothers made a trip to So. St. Paul Tuesday.

Adolf Ohmann took veal calves and hogs to So. St. Paul Wednesday for Thomas Rice.

Carl, Albert, Esther and Marie Wachter made a shopping trip to St. Paul Wednesday.

Mrs. Will Malby and Mrs. Waldhauser of Pine Bend were Wednesday afternoon visitors at the W. Volkert home.

Miss Esther Wachter who is attending teachers college at Winona spent a few days at the home of her father.

Misses Myrtle and Minnie Groth, and Hugo Groth helped to celebrate the birthday of their aunt, Mrs. Erwin Groth of St. Paul, on Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Reinke and children of Lone Oak, and Mr. and Mrs. William Groth and children of St. Paul also were present.

Rosemount News

The Parent-Teachers Association of District 17 school will give a post Easter card party on Saturday evening, April 3, at the school. Bridge, 500 and 45 will be played. Those serving on the committee are the following: Miss Marie McMenomy, Mrs. James McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Scott, Mr. and Mrs. E. Beise, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Walter King, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Johnson. Tickets 25c.

Mrs. J.H. Quick, farmer lady, southeast of Rosemount, took first prize on luncheon cloth at Hastings all-crop exhibit, recently.

One can guess as to the severity of Wednesday's storm in the fact that ten cars and trucks were stranded at the viaduct south of town.

Carl Ewing is moving his drilling machinery from project No. 3 to No. 2 to complete the hole, which Mr. Ewing thinks will take about a month. The hole is down to 830 feet. A Mr. Merritt of Oklahoma will have charge of the work. Mr. Merritt is one of a party who made the discovery of iron ore in Minnesota.

Owing to the severe snow storm on Wednesday neither of our rural carriers was able to deliver mail.

100 years ago

From the March 22, 1912 edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Rosemount Page

Mary and Anna Bamberry of St. Paul spent a few days this week visiting at James Hyland's home.

Florence Gilman who is attending school in Hamlin spent a few days this week at her home here.

Mrs. John O'Maley of Rose Creek spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.E. Devitt here.

William Wayman of Coates called on relatives and friends here Saturday.

Mamie Gibbons of St. Paul spent a few days this week at the J.F. Geraghty home.

George Chapdelaine of Wescott attended the show here Sunday evening.

Mary Garry of St. Paul spent a few days this week at James Hyland's home.

Nicklois Steinen of Farmington attended the show here Sunday evening.

Mrs. R. Stratten of Rich Valley visited with friends here Sunday.