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Couple found a long-term home in Rosemount

Dick and Marcia Roush have lived in the same home on 146th Street since 1966, but some long-term Rosemount residents still associate the house with its former resident.

There is a large R on the awning outside of Dick and Marcia Roush's house. The couple has lived in the house at the corner of 146th Street and Connemara Trail since 1966. But for some Rosemount residents, the ones whose family go back generations in the city, it might never really be their house.

For those residents, the Roushes live in Orvie Stelter's house. Even after 45 years, there are some people for whom the couple are still relatively recent arrivals.

"For those people whose families have been here for two or three generations, we're still newcomers," Dick Roush said.

Dick and Marcia came to Rosemount in 1965, when Dick got a job as a librarian at Rosemount High School. They rented a house at the corner of Highway 52 and County Road 42 and lived there for a year before they moved to Orvie Stelter's house.

For the couple, the house was a first bit of permanence after several unsettled years. Dick got his job at RHS after two years teaching in Michigan and another two in Pine Island. They were looking for a place where they could settle down. Dick said he was confident right away Rosemount was that place. Marcia sounded less certain. But the salary was good, and it was close to the Twin Cities. Dick grew up in Austin, Marcia in north Minneapolis.

Dick spent 17 years as a librarian and 13 years as a social studies and driver's education teacher before retiring in 1995.

Marcia stayed home with the couple's children until their youngest was in fifth grade. Then she returned to teaching as a substitute.

"I wanted to do Rosemount Elementary, but there were two ladies who had the handle on that," she said.

That's how she ended up at Rosemount Middle School.

At RMS Marcia taught the child of a student she'd had as an elementary school teacher in Austin.

Marcia also taught English as Second Language, Adult Basic Education and GED classes over the course of 20 years.

RHS changed a lot in the time Dick worked there. The school was much smaller when he started in 1965, both physically and in terms of enrollment. There were just 25 full-time staff members.

"I'm going to say the building was one-fifth the size it is now," Roush said.

The school grew quickly, though, then shrank several times as other district high schools opened.

These days the Roushes keep busy in a number of ways. They golf several times a week, and Dick still works occasionally driving cars for dealerships in the area. Marsha volunteers as an election judge, and at Trinity Care Center in Farmington.

They seem pretty well settled in Rosemount. Who knows? Maybe someday, some future resident will describe where they live and a new neighbor will respond, "Oh, you live in the Roushes' house."