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City council sets new goals for the new year

Maintaining fiscal discipline and promoting growth are two of the Rosemount City Council's goals for the year ahead. The city council approved its goals for 2011-2012 at Tuesday's regular meeting.

After appointing Matt Kearney to the council in February the council met for several lengthy goal-setting sessions. Then Kearney, with the help of city staff put together the goals statement that was approved Tuesday night.

The city's specific goals are as follows: create policies to encourage growth and jobs in the community; redevelop the remainder of the old St. Joseph's Church property into senior housing and a senior center; reduce the tax levy for the third consecutive year in 2012; enhance the partnership with Dakota County Technical College, the YMCA and other possible partners for additional community amenities; extend Connemara Trail to Akron Avenue in conjunction with new development; plan and design a park and ride facility in downtown Rosemount and build the facility if federal funding is approved for 2013-14; continue to work with the University of Minnesota on the development of UMore Park; review priorities for future trail construction projects throughout the city; embrace technology initiatives that improve citizen access to city services; prioritize desired amenities; and develop several five- to 10-year goals.

Before the goal setting sessions mayor Bill Droste said setting goals is important.

"When you've got five independent people, it's good to focus and look at the horizon and the future," Droste said.

City administrator Dwight Johnson said for staff the goals are nice because they help provide expectations for what needs to be accomplished.

"I think it's important to organize work for the coming year especially for staff," said Johnson.

In 2010 the goals included providing exceptional yet efficient services, communication with residents, seek out partnerships with other agencies, increase the value and longevity of infrastructure and facilities and ensure well-planned growth including economic and residential.

Droste said he felt the city made good strides towards meeting those goals.

For more information about the city's goals visit the city's web site at

Emily Zimmer
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