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Police report: Jan. 2 to Jan. 8

January 2

Accident, motor vehicle, personal injury, 13800 block of Blaine Ave.

Animal at large, 2900 block of 146 St. W.

Domestic disturbance, 15500 block of Cornell Trl. W.

Assault, fifth degree, commits or attempts harm, 14500 block of Robert Trl S.

January 3

Weapon, carry while under the influence of a controlled substance, 150 Street West and Biscayne Avenue

Fraud, all other, 4200 block of 159 Ct. W.

Accident, police property, Akron Avenue and Bonaire Path

Domestic disturbance, 4300 block of 158 Ct. W.

Violation of order for protection, 14500 block of Biscayne Ave. W.

Weapons ordinance, 15200 block of Danville Ave. W.

January 4

Seat belt required, driver and passengers, 15300 block of Babcock Ave.

Accident, hit and run, 14600 block of Robert Trl. S.

January 5

Driving after license revocation, 150 Street West and Biscayne Avenue

Possession or sale of small amount of marijuana, 3300 block of 142 St. W.

Accident, motor vehicle damage, 15000 block of Chippendale Ave.

Animal impound, 4200 block of 159 Ct. W.

January 6

Burglary, 14600 block of Robert Trl. S.

Harassment, 13800 block of Robert Trl. S.

Deer car kill permit, 130 Street West and Robert Trail South

January 7

Accident, motor vehicle damage, 150 Street West and Robert Trail South

Accident, motor vehicle damage, 145 Street East and Courthouse Boulevard South

Theft, value more than $1,000, 4000 bloc of 154 Ct. W.

Assault, terroristic threats, 14900 block of Chorley Ave.

Domestic disturbance, 3700 block of 152 St. W.

January 8

Assault, 13800 block of Danbury Path

Accident, motor vehicle damage, 14500 block of Danbury Ave. W.

Domestic disturbance, 14800 block of Delft Ave. W.

Driving after license suspension, Vermillion Street

Adult Arrest Report

January 2

Patrick Jude Martin, 47, of Apple Valley, was cited for assault, fifth degree.

January 3

Andre David Rush, 18, of Rosemount, was cited for violating an order for protection.

January 5

Francis Michael Martin, 18, of Apple Valley was cited for possession of marijuana.

January 7

Eugene Vigo Lufkin, 52, of Rosemount, was cited for assault and possession of drug paraphernalia.

January 8

Tony Haugen Nallick, 19, of Rosemount was cited for assault and underage alcohol consumption.

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