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Weekend blizzard leaves behind a mess

Brianna Dennis conquers a pile of snow following Saturday's heavy snowfall. If you have snow photos from this weekend, send them to / 2
The weekend blizzard left some big drifts to clear in Rosemount.2 / 2

The fifth largest snowstorm in Twin Cities history blanketed Rosemount with more than 17 inches of snow over the weekend and the mess still hasn't been completely cleaned up.

The weather forced Rosemount High School to cancel all of its Saturday activities, including a performance of Into the Woods. There will be a makeup performance at 7 p.m. Dec.17.

Snow crews were out in full force working to keep streets clear through the weekend and will likely work throughout the week continuing the cleanup effort.

All of the city's streets were plowed twice on Saturday and into early Sunday morning. City crews were back out Sunday cleaning up streets and clearing drifting snow. First priority trails and sidewalks to schools were plowed before Monday morning school started.

"(Crews) have worked a lot of hours and have done a good job," said Andy Brotzler, public works director.

Starting Monday crews cleared secondary trails and sidewalks. They also continued to clean up the downtown area and tougher snow removal areas such as cul-de-sacs. Brotzler said it would take most of the week to complete the effort.

Snow parking restrictions are in effect. Rosemount city code prohibits parking on any public street, highway or alley every day between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m., regardless of the weather; and any time snowfall, wind or other weather conditions have resulted in a snow accumulation of two or more inches, until the street, highway, or alley is plowed curb to curb

Police chief Gary Kalstabakken said police officers felt some people took more chances than they needed to driving over the weekend. Police spent a good chunk of their time over the weekend rescuing stranded motorists after their cars got stuck. He said County Road 42 and County Road 46 were particular problem areas because of drifting snow.

Kalstabakken said officers responded to several accidents due to the storm.

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