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Storm leaves residents in the dark

More than 10,000 Dakota Electric Association members, including several in northern Rosemount, lost power last weekend as a result of the heavy, wet snow that blanketed the Twin Cities area from Friday night into Saturday.

Many of the Rosemount residents who lost power were in the dark as late as Sunday.

Dakota Electric spokesperson Joe Miller said the bulk of the Rosemount residents who lost power were in the northwest corner of the city.

Saturday's snowfall weighed down tree branches and power lines and caused problems with electricity around the Twin Cities.

Dakota Electric dispatched all available crews as the outages began rolling in Saturday morning. Restoring power started with clearing trees that had collapsed and fallen on power lines. Once trees were removed, crews were able to restring lines and restore power. In some instances, new poles had to be set as well.

By Saturday night, fewer than 2,000 members were without power. Work continued through the night and into Sunday, with power restored to the last members by 5 p.m. Sunday. The hardest hit areas were Apple Valley, Eagan, Lakeville, Inver Grove and Burnsville, although outages were reported in many other cities and townships as well.

Specific numbers for Rosemount were not available.

"Restoring power from a storm of this nature is a very labor-intensive job," spokesperson Joe Miller said. "We cannot just flip a switch and restore everyone's power. Our crews are down numerous side streets, in backyards and around the service territory, manually reconnecting wires to restore everyone's power. Our members were very patient during this outage, and we are thankful for their understanding."