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Rosemount is among fastest-growing cities of 2000s

There's never been much doubt Rosemount was growing over the past decade. Now, the Met Council has an idea just how much.

The Met Council annual population estimates for the seven-county Twin Cities area, released late last week, show the city with an estimated 2009 population of 21,521. That is nearly 7,000 more people than the 2000 census population of 14,619.

The same report indicates the number of households in the city increased from 4,742 in 2000 to an estimated 7,503 in 2009.

The same Met Council report indicates Dakota County has reached a population of at least 400,675, up from the 2000 census figure of 355,904.

According to the Met Council that puts Farmington ninth in the metro area among cities that added the most new residents over that period.

The numbers are based on birth/death records, housing starts, and permits within the area.

The city of Rosemount grew by almost 50 percent within the nine-year period. In 2000, its population was 14,619; by April 2009, it had reached 21,521.

Several other area cities showed growth, including Hampton (city) from 434 to 777; Marshan Township from 1,263 to 1,321; Miesville from 135 to 171; Nininger Township from 865 to 949; and Vermillion township from 1,243 to 1,351.

Hampton Township showed a slight decrease, from 986 to 977

The total population of the area grew 9 percent from 2000 to 2009 by natural growth -- more births than deaths, longer life expectancy and retention of young adults -- according to the Met Council.

The total metro area population is estimated at 2.88 million, an increase of about 240,000 in the nine-year period.

Historically, estimates prepared by the Met Council have been accurate when compared against later census counts. The United States Census Bureau conducted a census report earlier this year. Those popular numbers will be available next March.

The Met Council is the regional planning organization for the seven-county Twin Cities area.