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Looking back: Work began on fractioning tower 50 years ago

25 years ago

From the July 4, 1985

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Search for interim and permanent superintendents will begin soon

And the search is on. District 196 Board of Education is trying to move quickly to fill the position of Superintendent William Force.

Force announced his resignation June 18, which will be effective at the end of July. Force, who has been superintendent a year and a half, accepted a professorship to teach school administration at Grand Valley State College near Grand Rapids, Mich. ....

Ideally, the interim superintendent will be hired before Force leaves and will be able to spend some time going over responsibilities and current projects with him, board chairman Richard Boucher said. But the search is estimated to take four or five weeks to find the acting superintendent....

The board discussed hiring a consulting firm to help with candidate screening....

The board spent $12,000 on the firm that helped with the last superintendent search, and that was money well spent, according to Margaret Gohman, whose school board term will begin July 1....

All board members, except Beverly Albee, said they were in favor of a national superintendent search....

The board agreed to make a special effort to include women and minority candidates.

Some of state's best on All-Missota

softball team

Softball payers who were named to the All-Missota Conference team are featured... Profiles of the honored players follow.


Jill Gillespie: Gillespie, a junior first baseman, hit .414 for the Irish, including four doubles, three triples and 19 runs batted in. In her first year on the varsity team, she was named the team's most valuable player. She played in every Rosemount game this season.

Laurie Logergren: Logergren tied in her teammates' voting for the top defensive player in 1985. The senior catcher "had a good year catching, and threw a lot of runners out," said Irish head coach Charlie Brown. Logergren also had a batting average of .294.

Local math teachers finalists for award

Two of the three Minnesota math teachers chosen by state selection committees to compete nationally for the 1985 Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching are from District 196.

Corbin Smith, coordinator for the math department at Apple Valley High School and Katheryn Trier, math instructor at Rosemount High School, were notified of their selection for this honor.

To be eligible, a teacher must have taught math for at least five years at the secondary level in a public or private school and have spent at least half of their time in the classroom teaching during the 1984-85 school year.

50 years ago

From the June 30, 1960 edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

'Minimum tillage' to be aired at Field Day

Minimum tillage -- one of the most talked-about new farm practices in years -- will get a thorough airing Wednesday, July 6, during the annual Field Day at the University of Minnesota's Rosemount Agricultural Experiment station.

George Blake, soil physicist, will discuss the topic....

The Field Day will begin at 10 a.m. with bus tours of the station, starting from the headquarters area. Visitors will see some 75 research projects -- including crop sequence studies, varietal trials, continuous corn, bloat research, fertility plots, plant disease control, dairy cattle breeding, turkey management and pole-type farm structures....

Station superintendent A. C. Heine urges all interested farm families to attend. Visitors may bring their own picnic baskets or get a lunch from a stand to be set up at the headquarters area.

Fractioning tower

to be erected

Installation of the largest petrochemical fractioning tower in the northwest -- a column standing 177 feet high and weighing over 170 tons -- was completed this week at Great Northern Oil Company's Pine Bend refinery.

The tower, according to William J. Carthaus, company president, is the key unit in the refinery's new alkylation plant, which has been under construction since last fall and is scheduled for completion in August. The plant will enable the company to produce its own alkylate -- an important blending component for manufacturing high-octane premium gasoline.

Technically known as the Deisobutanizer, the tower is where the alkylate, butane and isobutene are "fractioned" or separated from one another. The tower is 12 feet in diameter and contains 55 Koch fiexitrays -- a new type of "bubble tray" used in sharp separations of the various components.


Girl Scout awards

To close the 1959-60 Girl Scout year, the Rosemount Brownies and Girl Scouts held a Court of Awards at Camp Sacajawea. At this time the Curved Bar Award was presented to Mary Balkowitsch and Kay Kaercher by their parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Balkowitsch and Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Kaercher. This is Girl Scout's highest award and is attained only through persistent study and work in Girl Scouting.

75 years ago

From the July 5, 1935

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Carriers, truck men meet here

The winter roads conference held at Jefferson Hotel Saturday evening was attended by about 30 interested in keeping the roads open for winter travel. County Treasurer Albert Sayers was present and gave some valuable points. A committee of four was named to draft resolutions. The names of the committemen are as follows: J. H. McFadden; Alvin Houston, Delbert Cates and Archie Pedersen. The following resolutions were adopted:

We, the rural letter carriers and truck drivers of Dakota county in meeting assembled at Farmington, June 29th, 1935, do hereby respectfully submit the following resolutions:

Resolved, that we suggest to the county board that an adequate snow removal fund be appropriated annually, and that said fund be accumulative from year to year, so that in years of light snowfall the surplus of the fund will carry over ....

Resolved, that we recommend an adequate amount of snow fence, as the first essential for winter road snowfall.

Resolved, that we urge the Dakota county to purchase and maintain a minimum of four trucks ... with plows and wings.

Rosemount news

G. A. Uiedenbogerd informs a Tribune reporter that all crops in this vicinity area up to 100 per cent to the good, including corn, which has been kept back some by the cool, damp weather. Corn, which had begun to take on a sickly color, is coming out fine and with favorable weather, will be abundant.

Lloyd Olinger of Farmington is working at the Rechtzigel Implement Co., in assembling implements, of which there is good demand.

There is a possibility that the apparently splendid rye crop will not be as bountiful as it seems. Emil Remnac says he has examined a number of heads and finds in many there are no kernels, He thinks it possible that the high winds might have blown the pollen from the blossoms and the hulls become barren.

Rosemount school has an opportunity to add another teacher to its staff next year without cost to the district. The F.E.R.A. offers to employ a teacher in either piano or vocal music. There is a limit to the number who may enroll, but none as to age or experience. Those interested should get in touch with Supt. W. E. Fried for information.

Coates and

Rich Valley

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wachter are sporting a 1934 Terraplane.

Herman Wachter had the misfortune to lose one of his mules last Friday.

Student Moll preached the sermon at the St. John Lutheran church on Sunday.

Mrs. Ted Chamberlain helped her parents at Rich Valley pick berries the past week.

Leonard Morse of Rich Valley is on the sick list and his many friends wish him a speedy recovery.

The storm Sunday afternoon blew down trees on the electric wires at Coates and shut off the current.