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Looking back: Two elementary schools were planned in '60

25 years ago

From the April 25, 1985 edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Filings close for school elections

Every incumbent but one filed for re-election to local school boards, but they face opposition in all but two districts.

Surprisingly, Districts 196 and 194 (Rosemount and Farmington), where enrollments are climbing and school space is a hot issue, failed to draw wide fields of candidates....

District 196 (Apple Valley-Rosemount-Eagan)

Margaret Gohman, Rosemount, and Patricia A. Walter, Rosemount, seek to unseat the two incumbents, both of whom have filed here.

They are Lloyd Krob, Eagan, and Donald R. Westerhausen, Apple Valley.

Krogh to be in

honors concert

John Krogh, son of Forrest and Fern Krogh, Rosemount, will be among nearly 700 young musicians participating in the Golden Anniversary State Honors Concert of the Minnesota Music Teachers' Association, 7 p.m. June 1 at Northrup Auditorium, University of Minnesota.

Honors Students qualified by three competition levels in February when 4,451 throughout the state competed in the preliminaries. Of these, 1,840 were chosen to advance to contest finals held in mid-March. Students competed in eight categories set up according to age.

Boat winner thanks lucky Stars

Most people find their fishing boats at marinas. Diane Milan picked hers up at a North Stars game.

The setting was Fan Appreciation Night April 3 at Met Center. Milan was sitting in one of the seats her father holds for the season. There were 13,000 people in the crowd. At the end of a long list of giveaways waited a Lund Mr. Pike 16, donated for the occasion by Rosemount Marine.

They drew the winning ticket stub, and from 13,000 potential winners, Diane Milan, Northfield, found herself the owner of the nearly $8,000 package. Besides the boat, she won a 35-horsepower Johnson motor, a Lorance depth-finder, and a 1,500-pound trailer.

Rosemount Marine owners Dick Sens and Gary Sargent presented the boat to Milan and her husband Bruce, Wednesday April 17.

50 years ago

From the April 21, 1960 edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Plans drawn for 2 elementary buildings

Rosemount school district plans two new similar elementary school buildings, one in Rosemount and one on Road 7, north of the village.

Major space in each school includes 11 class rooms, 2 kindergartens, administration, library, multi-purpose room, kitchen and boiler room to handle 390 students.

The first building stage, designed through third, will accommodate a future addition for grades 4 through 6, and gymnasium.

Economy designs are low perimeter exterior walls with reduced window areas: durable easily maintained interior; repetitive classroom layouts; acoustic considerations made in multi-purpose room baffle, backwall, sound absorption.

Site development includes bus loading "turn around" that increase efficiency and operational safety.

The plans also call for a 300 meal kitchen, all rooms to be ventilated and incinerator.

Big expansion planned at ammonia plant, Pine Bend

The St. Paul Ammonia Products, Inc. has planned an expansion program costing between four and eight million dollars for its nitrogen plant at Pine Bend....

The plant will start making two or three of the solid nitrogen materials used in fertilizers. A huge increase in the demand for liquid nitrogen fertilizer in this area spurred the decision to expand.

The plant also will begin making two or three of the solid nitrogen materials used in fertilizers, he said.

The proposed new expansion program follows one which cost $1,500,000 last year and which boosted output of anhydrous ammonia and nitrogen solutions to 88,000 tons a year. The plant was built in 1957 for 16 million dollars.

TV teaching proposed for special course

Teaching by television?

It may soon become a reality for specialized courses, if plans materialize.

Rosemount and Farmington public school boards and administration have agreed to go along with next year's foreign language experiment - if the experiment takes place....

According to one estimate, one master teacher in a Spanish course could instruct 23,000 students in the metropolitan area.

Children in fourth, fifth and sixth grades would watch two or three 15-minute broadcasts per week, supplemented by two days a week of classroom work with tape recordings.

The TV portion would be broadcast by KTCA-TV, Channel 2, and would be available to anyone or any school with a TV set.

According to one estimate, if all schools that have shown interest participate, the cost will be approximately $1.30 per student per year for each of the 23,000 students. Rosemount has indicated they would probably purchase about three TV sets if plans materialize.

This is the first time in history an organized effort is being made in this locality for regular classroom teaching.

75 years ago

From the April 26, 1935

edition of the

Dakota County Tribune

Coates and

Rich Valley

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Brummond of Amboy spent the Easter holidays at their parents' homes here.

Mr. and Mrs. Julius Boche moved on last Monday to a farm owned by Sam Wallace which is near Pine Bend.

The Easter Monday evening services at the St. John's Lutheran church, Rev. W. Stolper of Inver Grove delivered the sermon.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wachter, a baby girl. Congratulations.

Hugo Mueller Jr. plowed three days with the tractor for Thomas Rice.

Marcelia Rechtzigel celebrated her 12th birthday last Saturday afternoon. Among the guests were Margaret Mueller, Alice Mae Ohmann, Alice Thompkins, LaVerne Dittman, Doris and Corine Schwanz, several of her cousins and others. Marcella received many beautiful and useful gifts and at five o'clock a bountiful luncheon was served.

Rosemount news

Miss Grace McLafferty spent the weekend at home.

Little Donald Ryan and Janice Doyle have the measles.

Miss Betty Holzemer and Al Wiederhold journeyed to Vermillion on Tuesday evening.

Mrs. James Doyle won head prize at a bridge party held at the Joe Cunniff home Tuesday evening.

Several from Rosemount attended the dances at Shields and Coates pavilions on Sunday and Monday evenings.

Ernie Pohl, Lucile Schwartz, Bille Wiederhold and John Kasel of Vermillion visited friends at Rosemount Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Finn Case and Miss Florence Case attended the bowling tournament at the Minneapolis Bowling club on last Thursday evening.

In the Rosemount news last week it was stated that Bernier Motor Co. are Plymouth dealers. This was an error. Bernier Motor Co. are Chevrolet dealers, and in addition have taken on the Pontiac car.