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Xcel experience leaves RHS grad speechless

Daniel Switch, second from left, is pictured with the rest of his band Select Three and the members of Bon Jovi.1 / 2
Dan Sederstrom performs at Xcel Energy Center.2 / 2

Dan Sederstrom starts with "amazing" when he's asked to describe his night last Wednesday. Then he tries "phenomenal." Then he just gives up.

"There's too many words and not enough to describe it," the Rosemount High School graduate said.

Apparently, that's the kind of impact playing in front of a nearly full house at Xcel Energy Center can have on a musician still getting used to playing in front of a crowd.

Sederstrom and his band, Select Three, made their big-stage debut April 7 as the opening act for rock legends Bon Jovi. They won the appearance as part of an online contest sponsored by radio station KQRS. A panel made up of KQRS employees and Bon Jovi representatives chose eight finalists for the contest, then online voting narrowed the field to two bands. Select Three opened for Wednesday's show. The other winner opened for the band on Thursday.

Sederstrom was in the car on his way back from visiting his sister in Texas April 2 when he got the news.

"I just kind of froze up," he said the day after last week's show. "I wanted to get out and jump around and run and hug everybody.

I just kind of hugged my pillow and smiled," he said. "It was a really wonderful feeling."

The band didn't have much time to prepare. They did a lot of practicing between Friday and Wednesday. They worked until they were sure everything was perfect.

Select Three has had a busy rehearsal schedule and has played a number of shows both locally and nationally since forming in 2008, but they'd never been in front of a crowd like the one that showed up to see Bon Jovi. Sederstrom said his parents estimated the arena was about 90 percent full for the Select Three show.

The band played for half an hour, enough time for seven of their original songs.

Sederstrom, who goes by the stage name Daniel Switch, said everything went according to plan.

"Today I woke up and was just, like, 'Wow, that happened,'" he said. "It was everything I expected and more."

The members of Select Three got to meet Bon Jovi and stuck around for a show Sederstrom said was one of the best he's ever seen.

Sederstrom said he has a better idea now what it's like to be a rock star. And he liked what he saw.

"I thought I knew why those guys play every night, but until you get up there and do it in front of that many people.... I could definitely see myself doing this for all time."

Sederstrom's dreams of musical stardom appear to be picking up steam. He was an architecture student at the University of Minnesota in 2008 and played music more for fun than for profit. Then an online video earned him a chance to perform before a concert by hip hop artist Wyclef Jean. Sederstrom went through a national competition last year for the chance to be chosen part of Select Three. The band has is in the process of recording a demo and is looking for a label. He works a few other jobs on the side, but the band is his primary focus.

"It's pretty constant. Mentally, it's essentially all I think about," he said. "It's my main focus and what I want to do and what I'm going to keep chasing until I don't know when. I'm not going to stop chasing it."

Especially after an indescribable experience like he had last week.