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Library seeks teens for advisory board

The Rosemount Library is hoping to get some input from teens this summer with it's first Teen Advisory Group. With both Rosemount and Farmington involved in the program, the libraries are anticipating a good turn out.

The TAG is designed to give teens volunteer opportunities and to help the library learn the information they need in order to provide for and understand this complex age group.

According to Gladys Kim, a librarian at the Robert Trail Library, having actual input from the teenagers will be a lot better than a not-so-commonly-used suggestion box.

"It will help connect us to get a real response as to what teens want," she said.

Teens will have a chance to choose materials out of catalogs, set up programs and get involved in the things that interest them. Some programs summer volunteers have used in the past are henna tattoo groups, dance programs and reading groups.

Kim was pleased to announce 89 kids signed up to volunteer at the library this summer. TAG will help give those teens a stable group to be active in. Each teen who volunteers at the library will earn a certificate at the end of the summer stating how many hours they contributed. Those certificates are commonly used to show colleges or as a reference on a job application. Members of TAG are members for as long as they want. There is no need to sign up again next year.

Sparks of interest about the program are already showing up, and there should be a good group to kick it off. The Rosemount Library is determined to make this a fun and fulfilling experience for teenagers in the area. An informational meeting will take place at the Rosemount Library from 3 to 4 p.m., Monday, August 24.