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Celebrate safely this weekend

This weekend is sure to be a lot of fun but for some it could be painful. Take caution this weekend during the festivities and avoid jail and burns.

So far this year Rosemount Police have arrested more than 80 people for driving under the influence. While that number is down from the last couple of years, Kalstabakken said he knows people will still take the risk.

With a lot of parties going over the holiday Kalstabakken said there will surely be arrests this weekend. To prevent getting pulled over he recommended designating a driver or taking a cab.

"It's fine to party, just have someone who isn't drinking take you home," said Kalstabakken.

Part of Independence Day fun is fireworks but using the glittery devices can be dangerous and, depending on where you got them, illegal.

"If it explodes or goes in the air it's not legal," said Kalstabakken. "If you had to drive to Wisconsin to get it, it's not legal either," he added.

Getting caught with illegal fireworks is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $1,000.

In the past, assistant fire chief Jim Voelker said, the fire department has had few calls during the holiday. He hopes that trend will continue this year.

"We've been pretty lucky," said Voelker.

Improper use of fireworks can cause burns or even death. To stay safe, Voelker recommends residents light devices from the ground in open outdoor areas. While there has been a lot of rain recently Voelker said fires can still start.

Don't mix alcohol and fireworks, said Kalstabakken. Have a designated shooter and keep water nearby.

While kids will want play with fireworks as well, Voelker warned that the devices aren't toys and even small things like sparklers can cause serious injuries. Adults should supervise all activity, he added.

While both Kalstabakken and Voelker have their forces ready for whatever comes this weekend, both hope their services won't be needed.