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Dakota County Board, Feb. 24, 2009

Summary of Proceedings

Dakota County Board of Commissioners

February 24, 2009

The Dakota County Board of Commissioners met at 9:02 a.m. on Tuesday, February 24, 2009, in the Boardroom, Administration Center, Hastings, Minnesota. All County Board members were present except Commissioner Willis E. Branning. The minutes of the County Board meeting, held February 3, 2009, were approved as presented and entered in Commissioners' Record MM.

Chair Gaylord asked if there was anyone in the audience who wished to address the County Board on an item not scheduled on the agenda or on any item on the consent agenda. The following individual appeared in regard to Item 8.1 - Authorization For County Attorney To Commence Civil Action On Behalf Of County: Pete Graffunder, Apple Valley.


The following revisions were made to the agenda: Added Item 10.4 - Acceptance Of Resignation From Member Of Dakota Scott Workforce Investment Board and Moved Item 8.1 - Authorization For County Attorney To Commence Civil Action On Behalf Of County to the regular agenda for discussion.

Conducted a public hearing to receive comments on the Adoption Of 2009-2010 Solid Waste Hauler Fee Schedule. The Environmental Management Director introduced this item and responded to questions from the Board regarding the solid waste hauler fee schedule. Interested persons desiring to be heard were afforded the opportunity to address the County Board. No one appeared. Adopted the following 2009-2010 solid waste hauler fee schedule: Annual Vehicle Fee $50.00.


Ratified and approved commencement of a civil action against CM Construction Company, Inc. in Dakota County District Court, for damages to the roof of the Empire Transportation Building.

Pete Graffunder from Apple Valley appeared and addressed the County Board regarding Item 8.1 - Authorization For County Attorney To Commence Civil Action On Behalf of Dakota County. Mr. Graffunder expressed concerns with property owned by his father, which could be affected by the proposed civil action and construction of the Cedar Avenue Bus Rapid Transit. Staff and Board members responded to Mr. Graffunder's concerns and provided clarification on the process for commencing civil action. Authorized commencing civil action for Dakota County to obtain declaratory judgment regarding ownership of right of way dedicated to the public by the plat of Valley Commercial Park 1st Addition.


Employment And Economic Assistance:

Accepted the generous gift of $2,500 for Employment and Economic Assistance (E and EA), Workforce Services and expressed its appreciation to Dakota Electric.

With the concurrence of the Dakota-Scott Workforce Investment Board (WIB), authorized acceptance of additional funding for employment and training programs in the Dakota-Scott Workforce Service Areas for the State Formula Dislocated Worker program. Amended the 2009 E and EA budget.

Public Health:

Acting as the administrative and fiscal agent for the Metro Alliance for Healthy Families, authorized execution of a grant agreement with the Better Way Foundation for family outreach and engagement activities at hospital sites.

Authorized execution of a contract with Peaceful Mind Homes, LLC, for 24-Hour Customized Living and Assisted Living Plus Services with funding from the Elderly (EW) and Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals (CADI) waiver programs.

Authorized submission of a Letter of Interest to apply for State Health Improvement Plan Funds from the Minnesota Department Of Health.

Social Services:

Authorized execution of a Joint Powers Agreement with the Dakota County Community Development Agency (CDA) for the Eagan Youth Supportive Housing Project. Authorized execution of a Memorandum of Understanding with the CDA and The LINK, outlining roles and responsibilities of the parties in this project.

Veterans Services:

Accepted the following generous gifts for the Veterans Emergency Assistance Fund Program and expressed its appreciation to: 1) $500 from Gallagher-Hansen Ladies Auxiliary #295; 2) $1,000 from Military Order of the Purple Heart Nels Wold - Chapter #5; and 3) $2,000 from Gallagher-Hansen VFW Post #295.



Adopted the recommended 2009 federal legislative program. Directed the County Administrator to prepare the recommended federal legislative program elements for distribution to the County's Congressional Delegation and other members of Congress and officials of federal executive agencies. The recommended federal legislative program will guide Lockridge Grindal Nauen Federal Relations Group in representing the interests of Dakota County with Members of Congress and federal agencies.

Approved submission of the following priority requests for directed federal appropriations and directed to add them to the Dakota County 2009 Federal Legislative Program: 1) $12 million to continue Phase I implementation of the Cedar Avenue Corridor Transitway, 2) $4 million to complete the feasibility study and prepare a federally compliant alternatives analysis and environmental review documentation for the Robert Street Corridor Transitway, 3) $1 million to expand the Dakota Healthy Families, and 4) $1.9 million to purchase or build a records management system to meet the needs of law enforcement in Dakota County.

Office of Planning And Analysis:

Authorized execution of a contract with Dakota Area Resources and Transportation for Seniors (DARTS) for implementation of Phase III of the County's Aging Initiative.

Authorized execution of a Memorandum of Understanding with participating jurisdictions to continue the High Performance Partnership (HiPP) collaborative efforts. Appointed Commissioner Schouweiler to serve on the HiPP Steering Committee.

Operations Management:

Authorized purchasing fleet vehicles and equipment through the cooperative purchasing agreement with the State of Minnesota.



Ratified Community Development Funding requests to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.


Authorized execution of a contract with Hoisington Koegler Group, Inc. for planning services related to the Vermillion River Corridor Plan and the Dakota County Greenways Collaborative. Amended the 2009 Parks and Open Space Capital Improvement Program budget.

Received an update on the Submission of Projects to Lessard Outdoor Heritage Council for Funding.


Authorized purchasing items for operating the Dakota County highway system including traffic control materials, traffic marking paint, glass beads, and sign and barricade materials.

Adopted County Project (CP) 97-65, Hastings Area Roadway System Study.

Awarded the bid to and authorized execution of a contract with Traffic Control Corporation for assembly of universal traffic signal cabinets.

Authorized execution of Agreement No. 93749 with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) for State Project 1907-68, Mississippi River Regional Trail Central.

Approved the settlement amount and authorized payment to Waterford Estates, LLC for the acquisition of Parcels 20-22(330) for CP 96-02 for a full and final settlement.

Authorized execution of agreements with Union Pacific Railroad and Mn/DOT for railroad signal and crossing improvements on County Road 96, CP 96-02 in Greenvale and Waterford Townships.

Approved acquisition of and authorized to initiate "Quick Take" condemnation of right of way for CP 56-07 in Inver Grove Heights and South St. Paul.

Authorized execution of an agreement with the City of Apple Valley for CP 23-59 and CP 23-64, final design of Cedar Avenue Transitway Roadway Elements.

Water Resources Office:

Directed staff to work with the Dakota Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCD), Scott County, Scott SWCD, and affected Watershed Management Organizations and Watershed Districts in the development of coordination and collaboration opportunities for water management as identified in the Watershed Organization Initial Assessment Report of July 2008. Staff was also directed to provide a summary report to the County Board outlining opportunities open to the County to improve watershed organization and management by February 2010.


Property Taxation And Records:

Approved the following plat, approved by the respective City Council, and submitted it to the Property Taxation and Records Department for recording: Rich Valley Substation, Inver Grove Heights.


County Administration:

Received a 2008 Gift Acceptance Report.

County Board:

Appointed Steven Chavez as At-Large representative, Zoning Board of Adjustment Citizen Advisory Committee.

Accepted the resignation received from Jennifer Gale, Private Sector representative on the Dakota-Scott Workforce Investment Board, and authorized staff to begin the process to fill this vacancy.

Appointed Elizabeth Undis as District 4 representative, Public Art Citizen Advisory Committee.

Appointed Commissioner John Mertens to serve as a member of the Brookings to Hampton 345 Transmission Project Lake Marion to Hampton Advisory Task Force.

Received a Legislative Update.

Employee Relations:

Held the annual Employee Recognition Ceremony. County Administrator Brandt Richardson and Chair Gaylord recognized and presented certificates to current employees with 15 or more years of service. The HEROES (Honoring Effective Responsive Outstanding Efficient Service) Awards were then presented, recognizing outstanding collaboration achievements in 2008. The following nominated programs were recognized: Waste Management System Project and Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) Committee. The Simple Steps In Dakota County Program was announced as the winning project for 2008.

Financial Services:

Received the Report On Invoices Paid in January 2009.

Adjusted 2008 budgeted spending to avoid a draw-down of previously reserved fund balance based on the 2008 State Aid Unallotment. The Governor unalloted $44 million of County Program Aid payments due to counties in December 2008, Dakota County's share of this unallotment was $2,296,246.

The County Board meeting was adjourned at 12:30 p.m.

The next regular Dakota County Board meeting will be held March 17, 2009, at 9:00 a.m.

The full text of the official proceedings of the Dakota County Board of Commissioners is available for public inspection at County Administration, Administration Center, 1590 West Highway 55, Hastings, Minnesota.